A Banner Bold: The Diary of Rosa Aarons is the first book in the My Australian Story. It was first published in September 2000, and republished twice in August 2005 and February 2011. The book was written by Nadia Wheatley, her only book for the series.


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In 1854, Rosa Aarons travelled with her family from London to the diggings on the Ballarat goldfield, where she met the Governor of the Colony, the leader of the diggers, Lady Macbeth , and a dog called Bonaparte.
This is how Rosa would sum up her first year in Victoria:
12 Things I Learned Last Year: Ships: How to Explore Them; Horses: How to Ride Them; Plays: How to Write Them; Parents: How to Understand Them; Latin: How to Speak It; Gold: How to Pan for It; Friends: How to Get to Know Them; Secrets: How to Keep Them; School: How to Tolerate It; Stars: How to Wish on Them; Snakes: How to Avoid Them; History: How to Make It

Something is happening. I can hear bullets going off, and people are running down towards the Eureka field...
In 1854 Rosa Aarons and her family travel from London to the goldfields of Ballarat. She makes new friends, learns to ride a horse and helps her family get by. Soon Rosa becomes caught up in one of the most dramatic events in Australian history: the Eureka Stockade. As the battle between the miners and the soldiers rages around her, Rosa's main concern is the safety of her beloved Papa.



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