A Coal Miner's Bride: The Diary of Anetka Kaminska is a fictional diary written by Susan Campbell Bartoletti. It is the eighteenth book in Scholastic's Dear America series. It was published in July 2000.


"For Elaine, who has hart ducha"

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"Sadowka, Poland
Midnight, after the Rooster's Crow

The words in Tata's letter grip my stomach like a fist. Tata isn't coming home. He wants us to come to America! Tata told me about a coal miner named Mr. Stanley Gawrych who wants a young bride from the old country. So Tata told this Mr. Gawrych that I am young and fit for marriage. I have had good family training and know all I need to take care of a house and a husband. So now Mr. Gawrych has agreed to marry me. Tata promises that we will make a good match. In return, Mr. Gawrych has paid for our passage to America. "Oh, Babcia," I cried. "How could Tata have done such a terrible thing? I don't want to be a coal miner's bride... I don't want to go to America... to marry a man I do not love.



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  • NCSS/CBC Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People (2001)[2]


"I'm deeply grateful to the following people for their expertise: Chester Kulesa, curator, Anthracite Heritage Museum; Helen Dende, Elaine Slivinski Lisandrelli, Barbara Jablonski, Stella Ziec Kaminski, Diane Kaminski, and Rosetta Kwolek Cancelleri for their knowledge of Poland and its culture; Rick Myers, for his knowledge of bees; Bambi Lobdell, for her knowledge of the Roman Catholic church and its traditions; Tracy Mack, for believing in Anetka; my writers' group; and my family, who eat take-out when I'm on deadline. Additional resources include oral histories and transcripts located at the Bureau of Archives and History at the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, Harrisburg, and at Eckley Miners' Village, Weatherly, Pennsylvania; contemporary newspapers, magazines, and local history resources located at the Hazelton Public Library, Hazelton, Pennsylvania, and at the Scranton Public Library, Scranton, Pennsylvania; Tina at Majestic Mountain Sage at, and Belinda at"


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