"This place they deemed was perfect for our company. They be calling it Plimoth after that place from which we set out in England long months ago. And tomorrow we weigh anchor to go forth to our new home. And this be it, this truly be it."
Remember Whipple[2]

A Journey to the New World: The Diary of Remember Patience Whipple is the first book in Scholastic's Dear America. It was written by Kathryn Lasky. The book was published in September 1996 and reissued in September 2010. It was adapted into a television film in 1999. The book has also been translated into French, Japanese, Chinese, and Italian.

The book follows Remember Whipple, a Pilgrim who sails on the Mayflower to the New World.


"To today's young immigrants, pilgrims all"

Book description

"November 6, 1620
2,950 miles sailed

"Land ahoy!" The call from the crow's nest cracked the dawn. Hummy's and my eyes flew open...we all hurried out. Unable to believe the words, our eyes wide in the half-light of dawn. Several of us crowded along the rail. The sailors saw it first, the faint, dark line against the horizon.... But within minutes of searching the horizon with our eyes, Hummy and I began to see the same. We held each other's hands so tightly and almost dared not breathe, but minute by minute, the line became firmer and began to thicken. 'Twas not a wisp of a dream but real. It has taken us all of sixty-five days, but finally we are here. This be the New World and it doth fill my eyes for the first time.

"My name is Mem. This is my story....
Twelve year old Remember Patience Whipple ("Mem" for short) and her family have set out to make the perilous journey from Europe to the New World on the
Mayflower. The voyage is grueling, as storms and gales and seasickness batter the passengers relentlessly. Then Mem and the others finally reach land, where they discover that conditions are not much better. When Squanto and Samoset, two Native Americans, come to the Plimoth settlement, Mem knows that her people will need their help to survive. Will Mem be able to brave the treacherous surroundings through this year of trial, tragedy, and thanksgiving?"

"9th November, 1620
2,950 miles sailed

"Land ahoy!" The call from the crow's nest cracked the dawn. Several of us crowded along the rail. The sailors saw it first, the faint dark line against the horizon...within minutes, Hummy and I began to see the same. We held each other's hands so tightly and almost dared not to breathe, but minute by minute the line became firmer and began to thicken. Twas not a wisp of a dream but real. It had taken us all of 65 days but finally we are here. This be the New World and it doth fill my eyes for the first time.

"Partage le journal d'Esther et vis avec elle son périlleux voyage vers le Nouveau Monde.
Mayflower, 1620. <<Terre en vue!>> L'appel de l'homme de vigie déchira l'aube. Nous nous précipitâmes sur le pont. Les marins furent les premiers à l'apercevoir, ligne sombre à peine visible contre l'horizon. Au bout de longues minutes, Hummy et moi commençâmes à la distinguer à notre tour. Ce n'était pas un simple mirage, c'était quelque chose de réel. Certes, le voyage avait duré soixante-cinq interminables journées, mais nous voilà arrivés. Ceci est le Nouveau Monde; je m'en emplis les yeux pir la première fois.


Remember Patience Whipple, or Mem for short, is a twelve-year-old sailing on the Mayflower towards the New World. Her family belongs to the Saints of the Holy Discipline, called Saints or Separatists, and are searching for religious freedom. Mem befriends a girl her age, Humility "Hummy" Sawyer. Hummy's mother passed away just before the voyage began. Her father has been in a "melancholy" ever since. Hummy and her father are Strangers since they are not Saints. William Bradford has dubbed the whole group Pilgrims, which Mem prefers.

By November 1620, the Mayflower has reached Cape Cod Bay, instead of its intended destination Virginia. The men argue and finally reach an agreement, known as the Mayflower Compact. They are also elect a governor. Mem and the other women are allowed to go to shore a few days later. For about a month, they are mostly confined to the ship as the men explore the nearby land. They eventually find an area they deem "superior", and name it Plymouth.

Construction on the settlement's common house begins. Mem's family has their on home by the end of January 1621. Meanwhile, many of the settlers become sick, including Mem's mother. Everyday Mem takes care her in the community's sick house. In mid-March, a friendly Indian named Samoset visits and later comes back with Squanto. Mem is distracted by their new friends and feels bad for not realizing her mother has grown worse. She dies a few days later. Hummy's father later decides to return to England.

Mem stops writing for two months, grieving the loss of her mother and best friend. By late July, she has noticed an "attraction" between her father and Hannah Potts. Mem is not very fond of Hannah, whose quietness annoys her. She later becomes more patient with Hannah, after a misunderstanding. In October, Hannah and Mem's father are married. Several days later, the Indian chief Massasoit and his tribe join the Pilgrims in a three day feast. Mem falls ill and Hannah looks after her for two weeks. After recovering, Mem climbs up a hill to watch the new ship approach.


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The movie on video tape

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A Journey to the New World was adapted into a television film in 1999. The film was produced by Scholastic Entertainment and aired on HBO. It was released on video tape the same year. Alison Pill starred in the film as Mem.


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Kathryn Lasky (born June 24, 1944) is children's author best known for her Guardians of Ga'Hoole series, which was adapted into an animated film. Lasky wrote four books in Dear America, including Dreams in the Golden Country, Christmas After All, and A Time for Courage. She also contributed five titles in The Royal Diaries, one in My Name Is America, and three in My America.

Having sailed across the Atlantic Ocean twice, Lasky "drew on first-hand experience" while writing A Journey to the New World. Like Mem, she was also sick on her journeys.



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