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A Long Way from Home: The Diary of Lillian Glenmore, also titled Her Come the Marines, is a fictional diary written by Lorraine Orman. It is Orman's first book for the My New Zealand Story series and the tenth overall. The book was first publish in October 2005 and republished in January 2012 under a new title. It was followed by Escape from Sarau.


Book description[]

"It is 1943 and Lillian is brassed off. Until now she was like any normal city girl—at least, as normal as you can be when there's a terrible war on and your father is away fighting. Then a spot is found on Lillian's lung—tuberculosis.
Before she knows it, Lillian is packed off to recover on her grandparents' farm in Whangateau, near Warkworth. With no friends, and only her preening older sister Joyce and their grandparents for company (and Grandad's a miserable blighter at the best of times), Lillian feels like a duck out of water.
That is, until the day a US Marine Division moves in down the road. That afternoon, four Marines turn up on their doorstep wanting to buy milk. Life in Whangateau is about to get a LOT more interesting...


Historical Note[]


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  • Lillian Glenmore


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