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A Marathon of Her Own: The Diary of Sophia Krikonis is the fifteenth book in My Australian Story. It was written by Irini Savvides; her only for the series. The book was first published in August 2004 and reprinted in May 2013 with a new cover. It was followed by Jenny Blackman's Our Enemy, My Friend.


Book description[]

"Times are tough in Crete, and Sophia's father has decided to make a fresh start in Melbourne.
Sophia struggles to learn English and get used to the strange new customs, but no matter how hard she tries, nobody at school wants to make friends with a foreigner.
Then her talent for running starts to make a difference. With Olympic fever gripping Melbourne, Sophia's courage and determination is rewarded in unexpected ways.
And the 1956 Olympic Games surprises everyone.


Historical Note[]


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  • Sophia Krikonis


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