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A Perfect Place: Joshua's Diary, Book Two is the twelfth book in the My America series and the second featuring Joshua McCullough as the main character. The book was written by Patricia Hermes and published in November 2002. It was followed by Joshua's third diary, The Wild Year.


"For Benjamin Barrett Hermes"

Book description[]

"Willamette Valley, Oregon, 1848
Joshua's story continues...

In Book One, Joshua and his family leave home to follow their dreams westward along the treacherous Oregon Trail.
Now, Joshua begins a new life in the wilderness of Oregon Country, where each day is a new adventure!


Historical Note[]


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Patricia Hermes was an American children's and young adult author. She is the author of six books in the My America series, including Joshua's Diaries, Westward to Home, A Perfect Place, and The Wild Year, and Elizabeth's Diaries, Our Strange New Land, The Starving Time and Season of Promise.


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  • Glenn Harrington illustrated the portrait of Joshua on the cover of A Perfect Place.[2]


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