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"A thread runs through them, one that reminds me of that feeling of expansiveness that would build and build as Christmas Day approached, a feeling that the extraordinary was possible—a season for miracles."
Dear Canada editor, Introduction

A Season for Miracles: Twelve Tales of Christmas is a collection of twelve short stories based on the Dear Canada series. It was published in October 2006 by Scholastic Canada. Two more holiday-themed anthologies, A Christmas to Remember and A Time for Giving, were released.

Each story follows a main character from a previous Dear Canada book during the Christmas season.

Book description[]

"December 24, 1813
When we got home, we gathered spruce boughs and wintergreen to decorate the house. We hung them all over the parlour and dining room and they look so festive. The prettiest is the kissing-bough we made out of twigs, greenery and apples. It is as if the house is saying, "I do not care if there is a war, I am going to celebrate Christmas anyway.
Twelve wonderful stories of Christmas by some of Canada's top children's writers.

"24 décembre 1813
Quand nous sommes revenues à la maison, Phoebe et moi, nous avons coupé des branches de sapin et de thé des bois afin d'en décorer la maison. Nous en evons accroché partout dans le salon et la salle à manger, et ça donnait une ambiance du temps des Fétes. Notre plus jolie décoration, c'est le bouquet de gui sous lequel les couples doivent s'embrasser. Nous l'avons fabriqué avec des branchettes, des branches de sapin et de thé des bois, ainsi que des pommes, et nous l'avons suspendu au plafond du salon. C'est comme si notre maison disait «Je me fiche de la guerre: elle ne m'empêchera pas de célébrer Noël.»
Dix merveilleuses histoires de Noël par des auteures canadiennes célèbres pour leurs livres jeunesse.


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"Lo, the Perfect Plan"[]

By Sarah Ellis; Featuring Ivy Weatherall from A Prairie as Wide as the Sea

"The Keepsake Box"[]

By Sharon Stewart; Featuring Angélique Richard from Banished from Our Home

"Stirring Up a Storm"[]

By Julie Lawson; Featuring Kate Cameron from A Ribbon of Shining Steel

"Small Beginnings"[]

By Jan Andrews; Featuring Sophie Loveridge from Winter of Peril

"What a Blessing Is This Peace"[]

By Maxine Trottier; Featuring Hélène St. Onge from Alone in an Untamed Land

In December 1667, Hélène's husband Jean Aubry decide to go see the maternal family of his daughter, Kateri. It is a days' walk to a new mission, La Prairie, where the family is staying for a short while. Kateri's grandparents quickly accept Hélène as one of their own. Near Christmas, Jean plans to head home, however, Hélène is worried about the health of Owira, the child of Kateri's cousin, so they stay behind. They send word via Charles Boquet to Tante Barbe, who then insists on going to the mission. By Christmas Eve, the baby's cough has stopped thanks to Hélène. Before going home, Kateri's grandmother gives Hélène the Mohawk name, Ionattokha ("She Is Wise").

"Shelter from the Cold"[]

By Carol Matas; Featuring Isobel Scott from Footsteps in the Snow

"A Home Girl's Christmas"[]

By Jean Little; Featuring Marianna Wilson from Orphan at My Door

"An Unexpected Gift"[]

By Gillian Chan; Featuring Chin Mei-ling from An Ocean Apart

Chin Mei-ling visits Toronto to spend Christmas with Miss MacDonald's family in 1926. They stay with Miss MacDonald's brother, a wealthy businessman, and his children, Robbie and Helen. Mei-ling quickly becomes friends with Robbie, who is a student at the University of Toronto which she plans to attend in the future. After Christmas, Helen jokes about the two looking like "courting couple". Mr. MacDonald takes the joke seriously and sends Robbie away to avoid "unsuitable attachments." On December 28, Miss MacDonald brings Mei-ling to her interview with the Missionary Society about a scholarship. Afterwards, Robbie goes against his father to say goodbye to Mei-ling at the train station.

"Dear Jane"[]

By Janet Lunn; Featuring Arabella Stevenson from A Rebel's Daughter

"The Word for Home"[]

By Karleen Bradford; Featuring Mary MacDonald from With Nothing But Our Courage

"A Night to Rejoice"[]

By Barbara Haworth-Attard; Featuring Harriet Palmer from A Trail of Broken Dreams

"No Room for Christmas"[]

By Kit Pearson; Featuring Susanna Merritt from Whispers of War



  • Canadian Children's Book Centre, Our Choice (2005) - commended[5]
  • Canadian Library Association Book of the Year For Children (2005) - short-listed[5]


  • The cover image is a detail of the 1911 painting The Christmas Tree by Albert Chevallier Tayler.[6]
  • Susan Gardos did the interior illustrations of the portraits of the main characters. Excepting Marianna Wilson's, the illustrations were all based on previous Dear Canada covers.


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