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"Mountains, prairies, seaside...Wartime, one hundred and fifty years ago, half a century ago...The ten stories in this new Dear Canada Christmas anthology take us all across our land, from remote homesteads to internment camps, from towns destroyed to a city bursting with pride. Set in landscapes of snowflakes and snow angels, wilderness and cozy homes, these stories feature Christmas traditions both familiar and new."
Dear Canada editor, Introduction

A Time for Giving: Ten Tales of Christmas is a short story collection in the Dear Canada series. The book consists of ten stories featuring heroines from previous Dear Canada books, except These Are My Words which was released a year later. It was published in September 2015.

Similar to A Season for Miracles and A Christmas to Remember, each story follows a previous Dear Canada heroine during the Christmas season.

Book description[]

"Ten heartwarming stories of Christmas past
Rosie gives a surprising gift to someone who least expects it...Johanna is able to make Christmas dinner a feast to remember...Abby takes a past sadness and turns it into something new and special...Christmas truly is a time for giving.

Find new friends and reconnect with old ones in these delightful stories by some of Canada's best writers."


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"The Angel of Citadel Hill"[]

By Sarah Ellis; Featuring Dorothy Wilton from That Fatal Night

The December after the Titanic disaster, Dorothy Wilton's family receives word from her older brother Charles that he is returning home for the holidays. He will be arriving with his fiancée, Naomi Livingston. Dorothy's mother immediately begins planning for the visit, which includes redoing the parts of the house she deems "shabby." She even attempts to change Dorothy's wallpaper since Naomi will be staying in her room. Finally, the day comes when Charles and Naomi arrive. The next several days is a flurry of activity for the household. Dorothy becomes close enough to Naomi to discuss the Titanic with her. To celebrate the winter solstice, Charles and Naomi take Dorothy to Citadel Hill to make a snow angel.

"The Real Blessings"[]

By Jean Little; Featuring Abby Roberts from All Fall Down

"Dear Sachi"[]

By Susan Aihoshi; Featuring Mary Kobayashi from Torn Apart

"A Candle for Christmas"[]

By Karleen Bradford; Featuring Rosie Dunn from A Country of Our Own

"The Rescuers"[]

By Jean Little; Featuring Jane Browning from Exiles from the War

"The Light and the Dark"[]

By Carol Matas; Featuring Rose Rabinowitz from Pieces of the Past

"Winter with Grandma"[]

By Ruby Slipperjack; Featuring Violet Pesheens from These Are My Words

"Raffle Mania"[]

By Janet McNaughton; Featuring Triffie Winsor from Flame and Ashes

"Snowflakes for Christmas"[]

By Barbara Haworth-Attard; Featuring Noreen Robertson from To Stand On My Own

"A Proper Christmas Feast"[]

By Norah McClintock; Featuring Johanna Leary from A Sea of Sorrows



  • The cover image is a stock photo licensed from KPG-Payless at Shutterstock.[3]
  • Norman Lanting did the interior illustrations. Excepting Jane Browning's portrait, the illustrations were all based on the character's portraits on their respective covers.
  • The book features a prequel story about Violet Pesheens before These Are My Words was published.


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