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A Time To Dance: Virginia's Diary, Book Three is the third and final My America book to feature Virginia Dickens as the main character and the seventeenth overall. It was published in August 2003 by Scholastic. The book was written by Mary Pope Osborne with her husband Will Osborne.


"For Cecilia de Wolf"

Book description[]

"New York City, 1865
Virginia's story continues...

In Book One, Virginia Dickens watches the Battle of Gettysburg unfold.
In Book Two, Ginny and her family settle in Washington, D.C., to start new lives.
Now, Ginny's future, like that of the nation, is uncertain. She and her family move to New York City, where she must help her family earn a living. There, Ginny discovers the bright, enchanting world of the theater–and her life is never the same.


Historical Note[]


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"The authors would like to thank their editor, Amy Griffin, for her wonderful support and guidance, and Lisa Sandell for her assistance. They would also like to thank Dr. Jack Hrkach of Ithaca College for his excellent research and advice, and the New York Historical Society for providing access to the Spirit of the Times, Harper's Weekly, and other periodicals from the time."


  • The cover was illustrated by artist Glenn Harrington, the illustrator for every My America book.[2]


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