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Alison Prince (26 March 1931 – 12 October 2019) was a British children's author. Prince is well known for writing the preschool series, Trumpton. She wrote My Tudor Queen, Anne Boleyn and Me, and Henry VIII's Wives for the My Story series.


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Alison Prince was born in Beckenham, Kent (now in Greater London) and grew up in South London. She went to a girls' grammar school, where she enjoyed grammar and Latin, but not maths. Her parents were from Scotland and Yorkshire.

She completed a degree course at the Slade School of Art and earned a postgraduate teaching diploma at Goldsmith's College. Prince went on to teach art at the Elliott Comprehensive School. She married a fellow teacher there, had three children, and worked as an occasional journalist. After the marriage collapsed, she ran a small farm in Suffolk for eight years.

Prince achieved fame for writing the children's television series, Trumpton series in 1967. In the late 1970s, she turned to writing books for children, some based on historical characters.

She passed away on 12 October 2019 on the Isle of Arran after battling illness for a number of years.[1]


My Story[]

Selected works[]

  • The Type One Super Robot (1986)
  • Kenneth Grahame: An Innocent in the Wild Wood (1994)
  • Cat Number Three (1999)
  • Dear Del (2001)
  • Oranges and Murder (2002)
  • The Whifflet Train (2003)
  • Jacoby's Game (2006)
  • The Lost King (2014)
  • Forbidden Soldier (2014)


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