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Allan McBride (born March 1900) was the only son of Mr. and Mrs. McBride.


Early life[]

Allan was born in March 1900. His father was Irish.[2] He grew up on his family's ranch in Nicola Valley. His best friend was Ken Harrison, whose father lived on the next ranch over. At age twelve, Allan went out hunting with Ken and botched shooting a deer, which ended up traumatizing him. Ken later saved his life when Allan broke his leg while they were climbing.

World War I[]

In August 1914, Ken went off to fight in the war. He saw Ken again in December 1916 while he was home on leave. Ken's stories only "reinforced [Allan's] idea that the war was all good fun." A few months later, seventeen-year-old Allan signed up for the army, adding a year to his age.

Personality and traits[]

Allan described himself as a "born romantic." He took after his mother instead of his father, whom was "practical." Allan acknowledged that his "romantic soul" came with a "sensitivity." He was deeply effected by an incident when he tried killing a deer while hunting as a child.

Family tree[]

The McBride Family Tree
Mrs. McBride
Mr. McBride
Allan McBride
(b. 1900)

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