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Anacaona: Golden Flower is the nineteenth book in the historical fiction series, The Royal Diaries. The book was written by Edwidge Danticat and published by Scholastic in April 2005. It was followed by the final book in the series, Catherine: The Great Journey.


"For Rose, Denise, and Zora Danticat
I love you, Daddy.

Book description[]

"Last Quarter Moon, Day 16
The pale men have reached our shores. We were awakened at dawn by clamorous shouts of voices unlike any I have ever heard and the sight of men unlike any I have ever seen.... As Caonabó and I emerged from our house... they immediately surrounded the point hollow-looking metal sticks at us. From these sticks they fired bursts of lightning into the air, which startled and frightened our people, forcing many to flee.
His eyes darting between the pale men's lightning and our men running, Caonabó ordered our fighters to stand still. This did no good, for as our men kept fleeing, the pale men went on aiming their lightning rods at the clouds.... It was as if we were at war with gods.



Historical Note[]


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  • American artist Tim O'Brien illustrated the portrait of Anacaona on the cover of the book.


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