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Anna Kirwan, also known as Anna Kirwan-Vogel, was a children's and young adult fiction writer. She is the author of two books in The Royal Diaries.


Kirwan was born in Peoria, Illinois in the United States. Kirwan was the author of two titles of The Royal Diaries and a title in the Portrait series. She was an accomplished poet as well, and her work has appeared in a number of anthologies, including The Alchemist"s Retort and Alphabestiary.

She resided in Sunderland, Massachusetts and Northampton, Massachusetts, where she led writing workshops and worked as a freelance editor. Kirwan was also an executive board member of Amherst Writers and Artists and the AWA Press. She was the mother of three children, a daughter and two sons.

Kirwan passed away at the age of 63.[1]


The Royal Diaries[]

Selected works[]

  • The Jewel of Life (1991)
  • Girlhood Journeys - Juliet
    • Juliet: A Dream Takes Flight, England, 1339 (1996)
    • Juliet: Rescue At Marlehead Manor, England, 1340 (1997)
    • Juliet: Midsummer At Greenchapel, England, 1340 (1997)
  • Portraits series
    • Of Flowers and Shadows (book 2) (2005)


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