"Dear Sister: A writer is only as good as her pencil, and a pencil is only as good as its point. Have I made my point? And why did you paste in the advertisement if you hate the move so much?"
—Antoinetta writes in Teresa's diary.[3]

Antoinetta "Netta" Viscardi (1875 – June 29, 1883) was the younger sister of Teresa Viscardi, and the second daughter of Rose and Mr. Viscardi. She had two brothers, Ernesto and Tomas. Netta traveled with her family toward a new life in the Idaho Territory.


Early life

Antoinetta was born in 1875 to Rose and Mr. Viscardi.[1] She had three siblings, Teresa, Ernesto, and Tomas. Her family was from Trappeto, Sicily,[4] an island region of Italy. She lived on Wooster Street in New York City, New York, until 1883.

Journey to Idaho

Antoinetta's father decided that they would be moving to the Idaho Territory to form a community named Opportunity with several other settlers in early 1883. Her mother did not want to go, but eventually said yes. In April, Antoinetta boarded a train heading west with her family, after taking a ferry to New Jersey.

The train reached its last stop in Watertown towards the end of April. The Viscardi family began preparing for the long journey on the wagon trail. They began traveling to the Idaho Territory a week later. Although the trip was tough, Netta spent most of it avoiding chores and playing with her new friend, Edi Richardson.

In mid-June, several men left to go mine for silver, including Antoinetta's father and uncle. Everyone else continued west, but were left behind after her aunt, cousin, and brother fell ill. Shortly later, Teresa and Nanna leave to retrieve her father and uncle. Antoinetta suddenly fell ill on June 28, 1883, and passed away the following day.

Personality and traits

Teresa described Netta as smart, likable, and that she "always says the right things", though Netta disagreed. Netta was also a good speller and often corrected her sister's spelling, which annoyed Teresa. Occasionally, Teresa would call Netta a "know-it-all."

Family tree

The Viscardi Family Tree
"Nanna" Viscardi
Marta Viscardi
Eugenio Viscardi
Mr. Viscardi
Rose Viscardi
Rosaria Viscardi
Teresa Viscardi
James Madden
Ernesto Viscardi
Antoinetta Viscardi
Tomas Viscardi
Four children
Three children

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