Archer's Melbourne Cup: The Diary of Robbie Jenkins is a fictional diary in the My Australian Story series by Scholastic Australia. The book was written by Vashti Farrer, her second in the series. It was first published in October 2007 and later reprinted in October 2011 with new cover art.


Book description

"Robby has just started working as a stablehand at Mr de Mestre's property Terara. Times are tough, so he's pleased to be earning money for his family. He's even more pleased to be pursuing his dream to become a jockey. Robby loves the horses at Terara, especially the prized bay Archer. When a brand new horse race called the Melbourne Cup is announced, Robby is sure Archer has what it takes to win—if he can overcome injury. Robby's father hopes one day to own some land, and farm it with Robby. But Robby wishes only to be a part of the biggest horse race in the country. Will he travel to Melbourne for the Cup, or will he be forced to give up his dreams to help his family?"



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