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Be Counted!: The Diary of Amy Phelps is the sixteenth fictional diary in Scholastic New Zealand's My New Zealand Story. It was written by Janine McVeagh; her second for the series. The book was published in August 2007 and followed by Lorraine Orman's Land of Promise.


"For my grandmother, Mary Fuller and Elizabeth McKenzie, who knew all about hard work."

Book description[]

"When the bill is passed, New Zealand will be the first country in the whole world to give women the right to vote.
Thirteen-year-old Amy Phelps lives in the tiny Central Otago settlement of Hills Creek. Her father is an alcoholic wastrel who has brought the family to ruin. When rich Aunt Delia urges Amy to come and live in Dunedin, Amy sees a way out of the poverty and humiliation of her daily life.
In Dunedin, Amy enters a world of grand houses and servants. At Otago Girls' High she pursues her dream of becoming an artist like her hero, Frances Hodgkins. Meanwhile, all Aunt Delia can talk about is the campaign to get women the vote–a campaign she is sure will eventually improve the lives of women and girls everywhere.
But Amy soon finds that some girls need more urgent help. Her efforts to find her wayward friend Mary lead her to discover a dark side lurking behind Dunedin's stately buildings.


Historical Note[]


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  • Amy Phelps


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"Thanks to Judy Beck of Hills Creek, Heather Mills of Oturehua and Guy Williams of Dunedin for their extensive knowledge of the history of Central Otago. I have taken great liberties with the facts; all mistakes are my own.
Thanks also to Bill Sykes, Dunedin City Archivist, for his help.
Thanks to my readers–Hebe, Janny, Judy and Di–I really appreciate your comments even if I don't always take your advice.
Finally, thank you Peter Rees.


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