Brothers in Arms: The Siege of Louisbourg is an entry in the I Am Canada series by Scholastic Canada. It was published in September 2015 and was written by Don Aker. The book was followed by Sniper Fire.


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"The cover erupted with gunfire as our muskets, cannons and swivel guns bombarded the enemy. Musket shot tore through red coats suddenly darkened with blood, their wearers spun like tops or thrown backwards into the waves. Fragments of boats shattered by artillery fire flew in all directions, piercing men like jagged spears.
Sébastien and his friend Guillaume, brothers in arms, struggle to defend Louisbourg against waves of British who outnumber them almost five to one. The town's massive walls will help it survive attack, but the British hold the high ground and their blockade of the harbour could starve Louisbourg into surrender.



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"The publisher wishes to thank Janice Weaver for her detailed checking of the facts; A.J.B. Johnston, a longtime historian with Parks Canada and author of the highly regarded Endgame 1758: The Promise, the Glory, and the Despair of Louisbourg's Last Decade and of Grand Pré, Landscape of the World, for his invaluable input on the manuscript."


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