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Canterbury Quake is a fictional diary written by Desna Wallace for My New Zealand Story. It is the twenty-sixth book in the series. The book was published in January 2014 and republished in February 2020. It was followed by Philippa Werry's Harbour Bridge.


"To my son, Calvin Wakely
Love always

Book description[]

"Anyone would think Maddy's world had crumbled when she didn't get a cell phone for her eleventh birthday. But Maddy soon has far more important things to worry about. In the dark of night, with a terrifying rumble and a deafening roar, the world turns upside down! Suddenly, words like 'liquefaction', 'aftershocks' and 'state of emergency' bubble to the surface of her vocabulary.
As Maddy navigates the bumps and crashes of life after the big quakes, she discovers how strong family ties can be, and finds friendship in the most unlikely of places.


Historical Note[]


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  • Maddy


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"This book would not be in your hands today if it wasn't for the support of so many people. Thank you to Kathy Ross who gave me the push I needed. To the wonderful team at Scholastic New Zealand, especially Diana Murray, Penny Scown and Frith Huges; my heartfelt thanks to your patience and expertise.
To my son Calvin Wakely and his fiancée Bryar Luscombe who told me not only that I should write this book, but that I could write this book. Thank you for believing in me.
There is one more important group that I must thank and that is the children of Fendalton Open-Air School who inspire me every day. After the February earthquake I began a book club for Year Six students to have something positive to focus on instead of the continual disruptions to our lives. We called ourselves the Faultline Fiction Fanatics and I thank all of you for sharing your stories, your fears, up days and down days, after the February earthquake. Thank you! You made the toughest year more bearable. Without you all, this book would not have been possible.


  • The cover of the second edition of Canterbury Quake was illustrated by Minky Stapleton.


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File:Canterbury Quake (2014) Information Sheet.pdf, File:Canterbury Quake (2020) Information Sheet.pdf, File:Canterbury Quake Teacher Notes.pdf

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