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Carol Matas (born November 14, 1949) is a Canadian writer known for After the War and The Primrose Path. For Dear Canada, she penned Footsteps in the Snow, Turned Away, Pieces of the Past, and contributed to two story collections. She also wrote Behind Enemy Lines in I Am Canada


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Matas was born on November 14, 1949 in Canada. She graduated for Actor's Lab in London, England. She also earned a B.A in English from the University of Western Ontario.

Matas has taught at Bemidji State University, University of Winnipeg, and at the Manitoba Arts Council. Many of her stories contain Jewish characters and themes and eleven of her stories include the Holocaust in them. At the request of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C., Matas wrote Daniel's Story. The book was nominated for several awards and won OLA Silver Birch Award, Fiction and the Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award, both in 1994.

Matas currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba and continues writing.


Dear Canada[]

I Am Canada[]

Selected works[]

  • Daniel's Story (1993)
  • Of Two Minds (1994; with Perry Nodelman)
  • The Primrose Path (1995)
  • After the War (1997)
  • Past Crimes (2007)
  • The Proof that Ghosts Exist (2008; with Perry Nodelman)
  • Greater Than Angels (2013)
  • Tucson Jo (2014)

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