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Castaway: The Diary of Samuel Abraham Clark is the thirteenth historical fiction book in My New Zealand Story. It was written by Bill O'Brien. The book was published in August 2006 and republished in July 2010 with new cover art. It was followed by Sitting on the Fence.


Book description[]

"When both of his parents die in a house fire, 13-year-old Sam Clark sets off from Dunedin to travel to London in search of his older brother. In Sydney, he joins the crew of an old-style sailing ship, the Dundonald. But before Sam can grow accustomed to his new life, disaster strikes.
Deep in the freezing Southern Ocean, a wild storm drives the ship onto a barren and desolate island. Sam is one of the lucky few who manage to scramble to safety. However, the survivors soon realise that any hope of rescue is months away.
In the meantime, they must face a savage winter with little more than the clothes on their backs...
Based on the amazing true story of an actual shipwreck in the Auckland Islands, south of New Zealand, in 1907.


Historical Note[]


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  • Samuel Abraham Clark


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