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Catherine the Great (April 21, 1729 – 1796) was the Empress of Russia for thirty-four years.


Early life[]

On April 21, 1729, she was born Sophie Augusta Fredericka, Princess of Anhalt-Zerbst[4] in Stettin, Prussia.[2] Her parents were Johanna Elizabeth and Christian August. At seven, Catherine was suffered from pneumonia. Her back was left crooked after several weeks in bed. It took almost two years to correct it.

She had three siblings, Friedrich, Wilhelm, and Elizabeth Ulrike. Wilhelm, her favorite brother, died of a fever in 1742. Elizabeth was born later the same year.

1743 – 1745[]

Later life[]

Physical appearance[]

Catherine had blue eyes and long hair that nearly reached her waist. She described the color of her as "golden brown." Catherine was often called "plain," particularly by her mother. When she got older, she also became overcritical of looks.

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