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Deadly Voyage: RMS Titanic is the fourth book in I Am Canada, a series by Scholastic Canada. It was written by Hugh Brewster and was published in September 2011. The book was translated into French in March 2012. It was followed by Behind Enemy Lines by Carol Matas.


"To my mother"

Book description[]

"I heard shouts as the huge forward funnel came crashing down in a blaze of sparks. It caused a wave that pushed me farther away from the sinking ship. Looking back, I saw the Titanic standing at a slant against the starry sky, with all her lights still shining. Crowds of people were clinging to the stern. Others were falling, tumbling into the sea.
Sailing on the Titanic, the biggest ship in the world, is going to be a huge adventure - if Jamie's parents will let him loose to do some real exploring. But when disaster strikes and there aren't enough lifeboats to go around, all Jamie has on his mind is survival.....



Historical Note[]


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  • Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre (2012) - commended[6]
  • Libris Awards, Young Reader Book of the Year (2012) - short-listed[7]
  • Rocky Mountain Book Award, Alberta Children's Choice (2013) - short-listed[6]


"The publisher wishes to thank Barbara Hehner for checking additional factual details."
"I would like to acknowledge the debt I owe to my Titanic mentors: Robert Ballard, Walter Lord, Ken Marschall and Don Lynch. In addition to consulting all the books I worked on with these people, I also found excellent information in Alan Hustak's Titanic: The Canadian Story. The ever-useful website Encyclopedia Titanica was also a very handy online reference tool. John and Charles Loewen provided excellent information from their days at Winchester College, as did Suzanne Foster, the college's archivist. Thanks also to Merrylou Smith at Bishop's College School. And special thanks go to Titanic author and historian George Behe for his expert read of the text, and to my long-time colleague and editor, Sandra Bogart Johnston."


  • The portrait on the cover is a detail from a c. 1912 photograph titled Sons of George Cartwright, Calgary, Alberta. The cover scene is the 1912 engraving Titanic Sinking by Willy Stöwer.[8][9][10]


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