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Dear America is a series of short films based on Scholastic's Dear America. It aired on HBO from March 17, 1999 to July 5, 2000. The series was followed by three films based on The Royal Diaries. Seven of the Dear America films were released on videocassette and the entire series is available on certain streaming services.

The series adapted A Picture of Freedom, A Journey to the New World, Dreams in the Golden Country, The Winter of Red Snow, When Will This Cruel War Be Over?, So Far from Home, Standing in the Light, A Line in the Sand, and Color Me Dark.


Screenshot No. Title Based on Released
PoF-screenshot 1 "A Picture of Freedom" A Picture of Freedom
by Patricia C. McKissack
March 17, 1999[1]
DotGC-screenshot 2 "Dreams in the Golden Country" Dreams in the Golden Country
by Kathryn Lasky
April 13, 1999[1]
JtaNW-screenshot 3 "A Journey to the New World" A Journey to the New World
by Kathryn Lasky
May 6, 1999[1]
SitL-screenshot 4 "Standing in the Light" Standing in the Light
by Mary Pope Osborne
September 24, 1999[1]
SFfH-screenshot 5 "So Far from Home" So Far from Home
by Barry Denenberg
October 14, 1999[1]
TWoRS-screenshot 6 "The Winter of Red Snow" The Winter of Red Snow
by Kristiana Gregory
November 15, 1999[1]
CMD-screenshot 7 "Color Me Dark" Color Me Dark
by Patricia C. McKissack
February 7, 2000[1]
ALitS-screenshot 8 "A Line in the Sand" A Line in the Sand
by Sherry Garland
April 10, 2000[1]
WWTCWBO-screenshot 9 "When Will This Cruel War Be Over?" When Will This Cruel War Be Over?
by Barry Denenberg
July 5, 2000[1]


Dear America originally aired on HBO from 1999 to 2000. Reruns of the series and The Royal Diaries aired on Qubo from 2013 to 2015.

Home media[]

Seven of the movies, excluding "A Line in the Sand" and "When Will This Cruel War Be Over?", were released on video cassette throughout 1999 and 2000. The series has never been released on DVD, but remains available to watch on several video streaming services.



  • Parents' Choice Awards (2000) - Gold Award[2]



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