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Diari nella storia ("Diaries from History") is a historical fiction series published by Fabbri Editori in Italian. The series contains translations of books from Dear America and The Royal Diaries as well as one original book written by Mino Milani.

List of books[]

Cover No. Title Author Published ISBN
Standing-Italian 1 Cammina nella luce
(Standing in the Light)
Mary Pope Osborne April 2001[1] 9788845125447
Cleopatra-Italian 2 Cleopatra VII figlia del Nilo
(Cleopatra VII: Daughter of the Nile)
Kristiana Gregory April 2001[2] 9788845125515
Picture-of-Freedom-Italian 3 L' immagine della libertà
(A Picture of Freedom)
Patricia C. McKissack April 2001[3] 9788845125454
Elizabeth-Italian 4 Elisabetta I rosa dei Tudor
(Elizabeth I: Red Rose of the House of Tudor)
Kathryn Lasky April 2001[4] 9788845125478
Voyage-Italian 5 Viaggio sul grande Titanic
(Voyage on the Great Titanic)
Ellen Emerson White September 2001[5] 9788845126451
Journey-to-the-New-World-IT 6 Verso il nuovo mondo
(A Journey to the New World)
Kathryn Lasky September 2001[6] 9788845126468
Seduto 7 Seduto nell'erba, al buio
("Sitting on the Grass in the Dark")
Mino Milani April 2002[7] 9788845128974
Anastasia-Italian 8 Anastasia L'ultima Granduchessa
(Anastasia: The Last Grand Duchess)
Carolyn Meyer April 2002[8] 9788845128967


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