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"They say the King is better but it is a lie. For two weeks now he has not been seen in public, then came news that he had recovered and Mother insisted I accompany her to Court. As soon as he tried to speak Edward began to cough. He held a handkerchief to his mouth and when he took it away I saw that it was spotted with blood."
Lady Jane Grey[4]

Edward VI (October 12, 1537 – July 6, 1553) was the King of England from 1547 to 1553. He was the son of Henry VIII with his third wife, Jane Seymour. Shortly before his death, he named his cousin, Lady Jane Grey as his successor.


Early life

Edward was born on October 12, 1537.[1] His parents were King Henry VIII and Jane Seymour, his third wife. Jane died just over a week later of childbed fever. Edward had two half-sisters from his father's previous marriages, Mary and Elizabeth. His father later married Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, and lastly Catherine Parr.

In 1543, Edward was betrothed to his cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots through the Treaty of Greenwich, an agreement that the Scots later broke. Edward received his education through Richard Cox and John Cheke. In his childhood, Edward befriended Robert Dudley and Barnaby Fitzpatrick. He was also close to Lady Jane Grey, whom was his favorite cousin.

1547 – 1553

Following the death of his father on January 28, 1547, Edward inherited the throne of England at the age of nine. A Privy Council was established to help the young king rule with his uncle, Edward Seymour, the Lord Protector, at its head. Meanwhile, his other uncle, Thomas Seymour, married Edward's stepmother, Katherine Parr, in secret. After Katherine's death, Thomas was found guilty of treason and Edward, reluctantly, signed his death warrant.

In 1549, Edward was taken to Windsor by his uncle, the Lord Protector. He was subsequently arrested for kidnapping the King. John Dudley, the Earl of Warwick and later Duke of Northumberland, though he did not take his title, essentially took over the Lord Protector's position. Edward's uncle was released, but eventually imprisoned again and executed in 1552. Shortly before dying on July 6, 1553, Edward named his Protestant cousin, Jane Grey, as his heir, instead of his sister, Mary, a Catholic.

Personality and traits

He was described as a "bonny child," meaning healthy or lively,[5] as well as "very contented and happy." As he grew older, he became a serious and studious child, who preferred reading to outdoor activities. He was very well educated and could speak Latin and French, and some Greek, Spanish, and Italian.

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Byron Long as Edward VI



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