"Anne regards me as her jester and entertainer, a singer and player who can dispel bad moods and bring amusement–but I had not imagined being in the service of a peevish, moody woman who wants nothing but to become Henry's queen."
—Elinor Valjean[3]

Elinor Freeman (née Valjean; born February 20, 1514) was the daughter of Eva De Puebla and Michel Valjean. She became a Lady of Court when she reached age thirteen.


Early life

Elinor was born February 20, 1514[2] as the second child of Eva De Puebla and Michel Valjean. She had a older sister, Rosanna, and two younger brothers, Daniel and William. Elinor was of Spanish and French descent.

1525 – 1536

Personality and traits

During her childhood, Elinor wished she had been born a boy and dreamed of becoming a court jester like her father. Elinor was especially talented with music and dancing, which she had inherited from her father. She was terrible at embroidery work, but eventually learned to sew a straight line.

Behind the scenes



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