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Not to be confused with Elizabeth I: Red Rose of the House of Tudor (book).

"Perhaps I should feel lucky I was not banished from court forever, when my mother was beheaded. But I am still foolish enough to long for my father's favor. Will he ever forgive me for being the daughter of a witch? Will he ever see me for who I truly am?"
Elizabeth I

"Elizabeth I: Red Rose of the House of Tudor" is a short film based on Kathryn Lasky's Elizabeth I: Red Rose of the House of Tudor. It is the second installment in the film series based on the book line, The Royal Diaries by Scholastic. The film starred Tamara Hope as Elizabeth.

An eleven-year-old Princess Elizabeth navigates life at the dangerous court of her temperamental father, King Henry VIII. She has to survive the plots hatched by her older half-sister, Mary, with the help of her loyal friend, Robin Dudley.


Elizabeth (Tamara Hope), the youngest daughter of King Henry VIII of England (Jefferson Mappin), craves her father's approval and attention. Thanks to the kindness of Henry's wife, Queen Catherine (Jennifer Wigmore), Elizabeth is allowed to stay at court with her younger half-brother Edward (Byron Long) and older half-sister Mary (Marion Day). One night at dinner, Elizabeth is playing a tune she composed for the court to hear. Mary whispers to the King suggesting that Elizabeth sing the lyrics. She proceeds to sing and Henry becomes enraged, believing that she is being disrespectful towards Mary with the lyrics. Elizabeth apologizes but her father refuses to let her explain and banishes her.

Henry banishes Elizabeth to Hatfield, where she is accompanied by her governess Kat Ashley (Tara Rosling). Kat encourages her to focus on the positive aspects of Hatfield. After being there for three weeks, Elizabeth receives a letter from Catherine, telling her that she has received approval from Henry to have her return. At court, Elizabeth embraces her brother Edward and best friend, Robin Dudley (Daniel Clark). Robin informs her that the ghost of Catherine Howard, her previous stepmother, still haunts the halls. That night, they play a child's game to hopefully pacify her ghost. Elizabeth thinks of the fates of her father's other wives and hopes that nothing will befall Queen Catherine.

Several days later, Elizabeth is playing a game of cards with Catherine and Mary when Mary insinuates that Elizabeth's late mother, Anne Boleyn, was a witch. Catherine sends Mary away and explains to Elizabeth that Anne Boleyn had been cruel to Mary when she was alive. Elizabeth worries that her mother was either crazy or a witch. Catherine assures Elizabeth that she is her own person. Later, Elizabeth questions a gardener (Eric Fink), who recounts Anne's execution for her. To give her some comfort, he points to a rose bush that Anne had liked. Elizabeth later works on restoring the roses with Robin. Her father sees her with a cut on her cheek and tells her to be careful, calling her the "true Tudor rose."

Nearly a year later, the rose bushes are thriving but King Henry's health and mood is falling. Elizabeth, meanwhile, notices that Mary and Lord Chancellor Wriothesley appear to be up to something. After hearing Henry snap at Catherine, Elizabeth and Robin begin to fear for the Queen's safety. Kat informs the children about a rumor she heard that the Lord Chancellor received permission to arrest Catherine. Elizabeth feigns an illness and requests Catherine's presence in her bedchambers to warn her. Catherine hurries to apologize to the King, who forgives her and yells at the Lord Chancellor. Elizabeth is happy that Catherine is safe but mourns her lost independence and thus vows to never marry.

Cast and characters[]

Crew and credits[]

  • Directed by: René Bonnière
  • Written by: Ann MacNaughton
  • Adapted from the book: "Elizabeth I, Red Rose of the House of Tudor" written by Kathryn Lasky
  • Based on: the Scholastic book series "The Royal Diaries" created by Jean Feiwel
  • Executive producer: Deborah Forte
  • Co-executive producers: Bill Siegler, Martha Atwater
  • Editor: David B. Thompson
  • Production designer: Roderik Mayne
  • Director of photography: Ludek Bogner
  • Line producer: Lena Cordina
  • Executive in charge: Christie Dreyfuss
  • Music by: Jack Lenz and Douglas John Cameron
  • Associate producer: Tessa Abdul
  • Production manager: Lena Cordina
  • 1st assistant director: John Pace
  • Location manager: Karen Perez
  • Art director: Roderik Mayne
  • 1st assistant art director: Theresa Tindall
  • 2nd assistant director: Eric Banz
  • Production coordinator: Nancy Wilson-Kelly
  • Script supervisor: Donna Gardon
  • Set decorator: Jeff Fruitman
  • Costume designer: Joyce Schure
  • Key wardrobe: Wayne Godfrey
  • Property master: Alan Doucette
  • Make-up: Mary Sue Heron
  • Hairstylist: Etheline Joseph
  • Camera operator: Barry Bergthorson
  • Sound recordist: Bryan Day
  • Re-recording engineer: Steve Foster
  • Gaffer: Michael Forrester
  • Key grip: Brian Potts
  • 1st assistant camera: Lisa Piltcher
  • Production supervisor: Lynda McKenzie
  • Assistant editor: Paul Rubenstein
  • Construction coordinator: Bill White
  • Transport coordinator: David McLaren
  • Stunt coordinator: Anton Tyukodi
  • Special effects by: Brock Jolliffe
  • Casting: Susan Forrest and Sharon Forrest
  • Production accountants: Bev Ross, Donna Demers
  • Scholastic financial executive: Diane Vilagi
  • Scholastic post production manager: Carolyn Kelly
  • Production services provided by: Protocol Entertainment Inc.
  • Special thanks to: Dome Audio Video & Effects, The Lab

Home media[]


The film on VHS

"Elizabeth I: Red Rose of the House of Tudor" was first released on video tape in 2000. In 2008, it was released on DVD with "Cleopatra VII: Daughter of the Nile" and "Isabel: Jewel of Castilla" under the title, The Royal Diaries, on July 1, 2008.[3]

Back of tape description:
"Young Elizabeth yearns for the love of her father, King Henry VIII. And yet, this king is responsible for the beheading of her mother. How can she reconcile her craving for her father's attention with his violent nature? And how will she, the Invisible Princess, gain his favor, when her half-sister Mary foils her every move? As the king starts to turn against Elizabeth's only ally, Queen Catherine, Elizabeth knows she must do anything to save the Queen's life. Join the noble princess in the most perilous of royal courts."

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From the Dear America website (October 2001)


  • Parents' Choice Award (2001) - Silver Honor[4]


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