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"Entrance Certificate: Penman's Journal" is the eighth short story included in Hoping for Home. It was written by Brian Doyle and followed by Afua Cooper's "To Learn... Even a Little."


"Growing up in the Gatineau Hills, Brian Doyle listened to his father and his father's friends telling tall tales and stories. It was the Depression, then World War II, then the years after the war when fears of the atomic bomb loomed large. Many of Brian's novels are set in and around Ottawa in the time of his own boyhood.
Brian enjoys stories that let the reader figure out what's between the lines. "The world we encounter doesn't give itself up to us all at once," he has said. And not all arrivals are geographical—they can play out on an inner landscape as well...







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Brian Doyle is an author from Canadian whom has penned dozens of novels for children and young adults. He is best known for Hey, Dad!, Angel Square, Up to Low, and You Can Pick Me Up at Peggy's Cove. His work is largely set in the decades following World War II and around the Ottawa Valley, where he spent his childhood.[1]


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