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Not to be confused with the I Am Canada book with the same name.

Fire in the Sky: The Diary of James Collier is the ninth book in the My New Zealand Story. It is the second book in the series written by Shirley Corlett. The book was published on September 18, 2005. It was followed by A Long Way from Home by Lorraine Orman.


Book description[]

"In the late nineteenth century, James Collier and his artist father travel to the famous Pink and White Terraces in New Zealand's volcanic lakes region. While his father paints, James explores the village of Te Wairoa and meets Will, a young Maori man who has returned home to attend a tangi.
All is not well in Te Wairoa–illness has struck the community, and strange things are happening to the water on Lake Tarawera.
Then, out on the lake, James, his father and Will witness the eerie sight of a Maori war canoe. Is it really a waka wairua–a spirit canoe?
Meanwhile, beneath sombre Mt Tarawera, volcanic forces gather. The year is 1886, and the name Tarawera is about to become famous throughout the land...


Historical Note[]


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  • James Collier


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