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For This Land: Meg's Diary, Book Two is the thirteenth entry in Scholastic's My America series. It is the second book in the series to feature Meg Wells as the main character. The book was written by Kate McMullan and published in May 2003. It was followed by A Fine Start, Meg's third diary.


"For Cora Williams, with much love"

Book description[]

"Kansas, 1856
Meg's story continues...

After Meg and her brother fled a cholera epidemic in St. Louis, she and her entire family are finally reunited on the prairie. But their new life is soon jeopardized not only by the struggle against slavery and those who would have Kansas be a slave state, but also by a devastating fire that threatens to destroy their home.


Historical Note[]


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"The author would like to thank her editors, Beth S. Levine, for her thoughtful comments, Lisa Sandell for finding the right title, and Jean Marzollo, for her biblical scholarship. She would especially like to thank Judith M. Sweets of the Watkins Community Museum of History for her wonderful research, her great sensitivity to the requirements of this project, and for introducing the author to the works of Kansas Territory pioneers Louisa Prentiss Simpson, author of "Grandmother's Letters," and Anna Smith Irvin, author of "Memories of Early Days in Kansas.""


  • The portrait of Meg on the cover was illustrated by Glenn Harrington, whom illustrated all of the My America books.[2]


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