Fy Hanes I (English: "My History") is a Welsh series of historical fiction books for children. They were published by Gomer Press. The series was inspired by the United Kingdom's My Story. Several books from My Story were also republished in Fy Hanes I.


Cover No. Title Author Published ISBN
Blits 1 Blits
(aka Blitz)
Vince Cross October 2002[1] 9781843231356
Mordaith-Ar-Y-Titanic 2 Mordaith ar y Titanic
(aka Voyage on the Great Titanic)
Ellen Emerson White September 2003[2] 9781843231646
Gwas-Y-Stabl 3 Gwas y Stabl Mair Wynn Hughes April 2004[3] 9781843232940
Merch-Y-Felin 4 Merch y Felin
(aka Mill Girl)
Sue Reid October 2004[4] 9781843233572
Streic 5 Streic Eigra Lewis Roberts July 2004[5] 9781843232469
Yr-Arwisgo 6 Yr Arwisgo Sonia Edwards March 2007[6] 9781843235422
Y-Newyn 7 Y Newyn
(aka The Hunger)
Carol Drinkwater March 2008[7] 9781843238836


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