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"Ghost Town: The Diaries of Amy and Kay Yoshida" is a story written by Shelley Tanaka and published in the Dear Canada anthology, Hoping for Home. It was followed in the book by "To Get Away from All That."


"Amy doesn't understand why her bank manager father has been sent away to build roads. Or why her mother is so sad. Most of all, she doesn't understand why her older sister Kay is so angry. Yes, it's wartime, but Japan and Germany are far away. So why are the Japanese Canadians being rounded up and sent to live in camps in the B.C. interior? Amy can't help thinking of the trip as an adventure, but that isn't how it strikes Kay."







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Shelley Tanaka is a Japanese-Canadian author, editor, and translator. She has edited numerous children's novels by authors such as Sarah Ellis, Rukhsana Khan, Jean Little, and Paul Yee. Tanaka mostly writes nonfiction, including books on the attack of Pearl Harbor and the sinking of the Titanic. During World War II, her mother's family was interned at Kaslo.[1]


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