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Harbour Bridge is the twenty-seventh book in the My New Zealand Story series. It was written by Philippa Werry; her second for the series. The book was published on April 30, 2014 by Scholastic New Zealand. It was followed by Tania Roxborogh's Bastion Point.


Book description[]

"Auckland in the 1950s: a time of rock'n'roll, milk bars, bodgies and widgies and teenage rebellion.
The Auckland Harbour Bridge is under construction. Simon likes watching the bridge being built, and talking to his uncle and his mates about what's happening on site. But everyone says that life on the North Shore will change once the bridge is finished.
Meanwhile, Simon's best friend is obsessed with the Space Race and younger sister Jo can't stop worrying about the fate of the dogs and monkeys that are the world's first space travellers.
The 1950s: a time of change for everyone.


Historical Note[]


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  • Simon Campbell


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File:Harbour Bridge Information Sheet.pdf, File:Harbour Bridge Teacher Notes.pdf

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