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"The crown was put on his head in all the blood and confusion of a battle fought at Bosworth Field, and they say it was retrieved from a thorn bush, where it had rolled from the head of the dead Richard III. Since then, Henry has tried throughout the reign to keep the peace, and he has succeeded in this–but his real battle is to win the respect of Europe's ancient royal families and he goes about that with the energy and determination of a soldier."
Eva De Puebla[4]

Henry VII (1457 – 21 April 1509) was the King of England from 1485 to 1509. He was married to Elizabeth of York, with whom he had four children. Following his death, his son succeeded him as King Henry VIII. Three of his grandchildren, namely Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I went on to ascend the throne.


Early life[]

Henry was born in 1457.[1] His mother, Margaret Beaufort, was very young when she gave birth to him, which left her unable to bear more children.[5] Henry's mother was of "royal stock" and his father's family were Welsh landowners.[4]

In 1485, his men defeated the forces of King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field. Henry was then crowned King Henry VII, starting the Tudor dynasty.[6] He married Elizabeth of York, daughter of King Edward IV.[1] They had four children together, including Arthur, Margaret, Henry "Harry", and Mary.

1501 – 1509[]

Henry forged an alliance with Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain with the betrothal of his son Arthur to their daughter, Catherine of Aragon. He met Catherine shortly after her arrival in England in November 1501. Catherine and Arthur were married not long after. In January 1502, Henry's daughter Margaret was officially betrothed to King James IV of Scotland. On 2 April of that year, Arthur passed away suddenly of illness. Henry's second son, Harry, then became his new heir apparent. Following Arthur's passing, Henry had disputes with King Ferdinand over Catherine's dowry. In response, he refused to pay the promised income to Catherine, leaving her unable to pay her retainers.

In February 1503, Henry's wife Elizabeth gave birth to a daughter, Katherine. Elizabeth soon fell ill of childbed fever and died. Their newborn daughter lived for just a few days. The following June, Margaret left England to marry the King of Scotland. Shortly after, Henry consented to a betrothal between his son Harry and Catherine. He later granted her an allowance. Unfortunately, the death of Queen Isabella in December 1504 made the alliance with Spain unstable. Henry began secluding his son and subsequently had him rescind his engagement with Catherine in June 1505. By the end of the year, Henry had withdrawn her allowance and dismissed many of her retainers.

In January 1506, Catherine's sister Juana and her husband Philip were shipwrecked on the coast of England while on their way to claim Isabella's throne. Henry permitted them to visit his court. He took a liking to Philip and signed a treaty of friendship with him. Additionally, one of Henry's candidates for his remarriage was Philip's sister. However, his plans with Philip came to abrupt end following the latter's death later that year. In late 1507, Henry considered marrying Juana to forge ties with Spain again. By early 1508, Catherine was finally in Henry's favor once more. He passed away on 21 April 1509 after falling ill, leaving the throne to his son who was crowned King Henry VIII.

Personality and traits[]

Henry desired to legitimize his reign since the Tudor dynasty began with him. Furthermore, he wanted to gain the respect of the other European rulers. To achieve his means, Henry arranged advantageous betrothals for his children. He was also characterized as having a "penny-pinching meanness" and that he counted every candle and refused to have a fire lit in his room.

Family tree[]

See also: Category:House of Tudor
The Tudor Family Tree[1][7]
(including Stuart and Grey relatives)
Edmund Tudor
Lady Margaret Beaufort
Henry VII
Elizabeth of York
(1) Catherine of Aragon
Henry VIII
(2) Anne Boleyn
(1) ♚James IV
Margaret Tudor
(2) Archibald Douglas
(3) Mary Tudor
Charles Brandon
(4) Catherine Brandon
Philip II of Spain
Mary I
Elizabeth I
(3) Jane Seymour
Mary of Guise
James V
Margaret Douglas
(d. 1578)
Matthew Stuart
Frances Brandon
(d. 1559)
Sir Henry Grey
(d. 1554)
Edward VI
(4) Anne of Cleves
Mary, Queen of Scots
Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley
Lord Guildford Dudley
(d. 1554)
Lady Jane Grey
Lady Catherine Grey
Lady Mary Grey
(5) Catherine Howard
♚♛James VI and I
(6) Catherine Parr
♛ - King or Queen of England
♚ - King or Queen of Scotland

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