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Heroes of Tobruk is a young adult novel written by David Mulligan. It was first published in March 2008 as a stand-alone novel. The book was reissued for the My Australian Story series in March 2012 and became the twenty-ninth book for the series. It was republished again for the series in March 2020 with a new cover design.


Book description[]

"There's always a moment of almost uncontrollable fear and terror when a patrol comes back and the face you're looking for isn't there.
It is 1940, and sixteen-year-old Peter Fullerton and his best mate Tony Cantonelli give false names and lie about their age to enlist in the army.
Heroes of Tobruk follows Peter and Tony from the outbreak of war, through military training and the Siege of Tobruk.
A moving story about the horror of war and the courage of ordinary soldiers.



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David Mulligan is an Australian author, actor, poet, and newspaper columnist. He is married with five children and several grandchildren.[2][3] His 2006 novel, Angels of Kokoda, is a young adult novel about the Kokoda Track campaign during World War II.[4] In 2008, Mulligan published Heroes of Tobruk for Scholastic Australia. The novel was republished for the My Australian Story series in 2012.




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