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Highway Girl: An English Girl's Diary is the thirty-ninth entry in the My Story series by Scholastic UK. The book is Valerie Wilding's fourth for the series. It first was published in January 2009 and later reissued in June 2015 with new cover art. The book was followed by Sophie's Secret War by Jill Atkins.


"For Ed and Sue, for all the fun...
Thank you, please!

Book description[]

"It's 1670. When Susannah and her brother are orphaned she is forced to live on the charity of distant relations in England while he seeks his fortune in America. But when news arrives that her brother is dangerously ill Susannah will stop at nothing to get the money she desperately needs to save his life..."

""That's it, Susannah. I've sold everything. The Makepeace family—what's left of us—must shift the best they can."
It's 1670, and when Susannah and her brother, Dominic, are left orphaned and in debt, they do the only thing they can think of and run away. While Susannah must live on the charity of distant relations her brother seeks his fortune in America. But when she discover that her brother has fallen dangerously ill, will Susannah have the courage to risk everything? Will she be able to help save Dominic's life?


Historical Note[]


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Valerie Wilding is a British children's author who penned six books for My Story. Highway Girl is her fourth book for the series. Her other titles include Bloody Tower, The Queen's Spies, Road to War, No Way Back, and Wartime Princess. While researching Highway Girl, Wilding visited Devon where her father had been born.[2]



  • Richard Jones illustrated Susannah on the cover of the first edition of Highway Girl.
  • The cover of the second edition uses a photograph taken by Jeff Cottenden.


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