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Home At Last: Sofia's Immigrant Diary, Book Two is the second book in Scholastic's My America series about Sofia Monari and the nineteenth overall. It was published in November 2003 and was written by Kathryn Lasky. The book was followed by Sofia's third diary, An American Spring.


"To the memory of my husband's grandfather, Dr. Gerardo Balboni"

Book description[]

"The North End of Boston, Massachusetts, 1903
Sofia's story continues...

In Book One, Sofia and her family arrive at Ellis Island, where they are separated.
Now, after Sofia's dramatic release from quarantine and reunion with her family, they move to the North End of Boston, where the Monaris start their new lives in their new country.


Historical Note[]


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  • Artist Glenn Harrington illustrated the portrait of Sofia on the cover of Home At Last.[2]


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