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"Canada is a land of arrivals. For centuries, people have come to our shores hoping for freedom, or a better life, or a more promising future for their families. Immigrants from around the world have sailed here, trekked here, risked their lives to reach this land they hoped would be better, safer, more welcoming than the one they left behind. Most crossed the Atlantic or the Pacific and first set foot in Canada at ports like Halifax, Quebec City, Montreal, Vancouver. Some came by night along the Underground Railroad."
Dear Canada editor, Introduction

Hoping for Home: Stories of Arrival is a short story collection in the Dear Canada series. The book consists of eleven stories featuring all new characters, unlike previous story collections. Several of the stories were penned by previous Dear Canada authors. It was published in February 2011 by Scholastic Canada.


"For all who have forged a home in Canada"

Book description[]

"Tuesday, June 25, 1912
Yesterday, we landed in Canada! The wait to be passed by the doctor in the immigration shed was agony. The girl ahead of me in the line was held back. Her eyes are infected, so she'll be sent back to England. I was trembling so much when it was my turn that he smiled. "I am not in the habit of eating children," he said, and I was waved through.
Eleven wonderful stories of arrival, by some of Canada's top children's writers.

"Le 25 juin 1912
Hier, nous avons débarqué au Canada! L'attente était très longue avant de rencontrer le docteur dans la baraque de l'immigration. La fille qui faisait la queue devant moi a été refusée. Elle avait une infection aux yeux et elle va retourner en Angleterre.
Quand mon tour est venu, je tremblais si fort que le docteur a souri.
—Je n'ai pas l'habitude de manger les petites filles, a-t-il dit. L'infirmière qui était à son côté a ri, et on m'a fait passer!
Terre d'accueil, Terre d'espoir comprend 11 récits passionnants.


"Marooned in Canada"[]

By Kit Pearson

"Ghost Town"[]

By Shelley Tanaka

"To Get Away from All That"[]

By Rukhsana Khan

"The Flower of the Flock"[]

By Irene N. Watts

"The Charleston at the Trapline"[]

By Ruby Slipperjack

"Prairie Showdown"[]

By Paul Yee

"In the Silence of My Heart"[]

By Lillian Boraks-Nemetz

"Entrance Certificate"[]

By Brian Doyle

"To Learn... Even a Little"[]

By Afua Cooper

"Out of the Ashes"[]

By Marie-Andrée Clermont

"Hattie's Home"[]

By Jean Little



  • Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre (2012) - commended[4]


  • The cover image and interior illustrations were done by Greg Ruhl, whom also illustrated the cover of A Christmas to Remember.


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