Ida Pelham (c. 1871 – 1941) was the good friend and student of Sarah Jane Price. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pelham and the sister of Timothy. Ida worked at her father's store in Broken Bow, Nebraska.


Early life

Ida Pelham was born to Mr. and Mrs. Pelham sometime during 1871. Her younger brother Timothy was born some years later. She lived in Broken Bow, Nebraska, where her family owned a general store.

In the winter of 1882, Ida became friends with Sarah Jane Price, whom she had first met in July 1881. After Sarah Jane got the teaching job, Ida helped her prepare the school. Their relationship dynamic shifted slightly after the first day of school in late February. A month later, they became close again after the snow storm, which gave Sarah Jane a newfound confidence. Sarah Jane no longer listened to Mr. Gaddis's rule about being too close to students.

Later life

After completing her schooling in Broken Bow's school, Ida started working at her father's store with weekly pay. Ida began buying land of failed settlers, eventually owning over three-thousand acres of land, which she rented out to farmers. Her home was two-stories tall and made of sod. Ida never married, but adopted eight children. She passed away in 1941.

Personality and traits

Ida's distinguishing trait was her talkativeness, which most people noticed within minutes of meeting her. Sarah Jane did not mind Ida's chattiness. Ida was also outspoken and often voiced her dislike of Mr. Gaddis or the rules he placed on Sarah Jane. She often became irritated when Sarah Jane insisted on following Mr. Gaddis's rules.

She was also soft-footed and walked "Indian-like", often unintentionally sneaking up on people. Later in life, Ida was shown to be a good businesswoman as well as a kind adoptive mother.

Behind the scenes



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