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Irene N. Watts (born 1931) is a Canadian novelist, playwright, and director. She is a contributor to Hoping for Home.


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Watts was born in Berlin, Germany and lived there for seven years. She moved to the United Kingdom through the Kindertransport shortly before the outbreak of World War II and was educated in England and Wales. At Cardiff University, she earned degrees in history and English literature. She married and had four children and taught elementary school.

In 1968, Watts and her family moved to Canada. She was taught at the Ermineskin reserve in Hobbema, Alberta for a year, before directing plays for young audiences. Her family moved to Vancouver in 1977. Watts continued her role as a director while working as the head of Citadel on Wheels/Wings for the Edmonton Citadel Theatre, and founded the Young Neptune Touring Company and Nepture Theatre School in Halifax with Tom Kerr. She is is the founding director of the Vancouver International Children's Festival. In 2001, she was named a life member of the Playwrights Guild of Canada.

Her play Lillie, about Home Children in Canada, received first prize at the International Playwright's Forum of the International Theatre Institute. Watts has also received an Alberta Achievement Award for outstanding service to drama.


Dear Canada[]

Selected works[]

  • Good-bye Marianne (1998)
  • Remember Me (2000)
  • Finding Sophie (2002)
  • Tapestry of Hope (2003) (with Lillian Boraks-Nemetz)
  • Flower (2005)
  • Clay Man The Golem of Prague (2009)
  • No Moon (2010)
  • Touched by Fire (2013)
  • Escape from Berlin (2013)
  • Seeking Refuge (2016)

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