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Jenny Pausacker (born November 2, 1948 in Adelaide, South Australia) is an Australian children's and young adult author. She has written over seventy books. In 2000, she wrote A Tale of Two Families for Scholastic Australia's My Australian Story series


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Pausacker won her first literary competition prize at the age of ten, shortly after the death of her father.[1] She finished her first novel at the age of sixteen, whilst attending Methodist Ladies' College, Melbourne, though it was rejected. Pausacker went on to do a Bachelor of Arts with Honors at Melbourne University in 1969, and a Master of Arts in 1972. In 1972 her first book was published, a picture book entitled The Three Dragons.[2]

She began working as a freelance author in 1980 and has published over seventy books since then.[3]


My Australian Story[]

Selected works[]

  • What Are Ya? (1987)
  • Getting Somewhere (1995)
  • How To Tell Your Parents That You're Straight (1998)
  • Mr Enigmatic (1999)
  • Sundogs (2001)
  • The Perfect Princess (2003)
  • Dancing On Knives (2004)


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