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John Wilson (born August 2, 1951 in Edinburgh, Scotland) is a Canadian writer. He is the author of two I Am Canada books, Shot at Dawn and Graves of Ice.


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Wilson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and grew up on the Island of Skye, and in Paisley. After obtaining a degree in geology at St. Andrews University, he worked as a geologist in Zimbabwe, before moving to Canada. For nine years, he worked for the Alberta Geological Survey in Edmonton.

In 1989, Wilson wrote an article that was published by The Globe and Mail. Wilson writes historical fiction and non-fiction. He is the author of over 30 books, 300 articles and essays, and 30 poems. Wilson now lives in Lantzville on Vancouver Island.


I Am Canada[]

Selected works[]

  • Righting Wrongs: The Story of Norman Bethune (2001)
  • Adrift in Time (2003)
  • Discovering the Arctic: The Story of John Rae (2003)
  • Dancing Elephants and Floating Continents: The Story of Canada Beneath Your Feet (2003)
  • Across Frozen Seas (2006)
  • Red Goodwin (2006)
  • Ghosts of James Bay (2009)
  • Death on the River (2009)
  • The Ruined City (2018)
  • The Third Act (2018)

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