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Karleen Bradford (born December 16, 1936 in Toronto, Ontario) is a Canadian writer. She is the author of With Nothing But Our Courage, A Desperate Road to Freedom, and A Country of Our Own in Dear Canada.


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Bradford was born on December 16, 1936 in Toronto, Canada. Her family moved to Argentina when she was nine years old. She returned to Canada to attend university. Bradford later married a Foreign Service Officer. Due to his work, they lived in several different countries, including Brazil, Columbia, England, Germany, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and the United States. She has three children with her husband and also keeps a dog and a cat as pets.


Dear Canada[]

Selected Works[]

  • The Other Elizabeth (1982)
  • The Stone in the Meadow (1983)
  • The Nine Days Queen (1986)
  • Windward Island (1989)
  • There Will be Wolves (1992)
  • The Haunting at Cliff House (1998)

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