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Kauri in My Blood: The Diary of Laura Ann Findlay is a fictional diary written by Joanna Orwin. It is the fifteenth book in My New Zealand Story. The book was published on April 22, 2007 by Scholastic New Zealand. It was followed by Janine McVeagh's Be Counted!.


Book description[]

"Laura Ann Findlay lives among giants–the mighty kauri trees of the Coromandel forest. It is the 1920s, and the last remnants of kauri forest are being cleared for timber and farmland.
When Laura's father becomes ill, the family is split up. Laura's mother takes a job as a bush cook in a kauri logging camp, with Laura as her offsider. In her diary, Laura keeps a record of the rough-and-ready world of the bush camps, and of the tough men and women who lived in them.
Based on a true story,
Kauri in My Blood is a fascinating glimpse of a lifestyle that has vanished forever."


Historical Note[]


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  • Laura Ann Findlay


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