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Kit Pearson (born April 30, 1947 in Edmonton, Canada) is the author of the Dear Canada book, Whispers of War. She has also contributed to A Season for Miracles and Hoping for Home.


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Kathleen "Kit" Margaret Pearson is a Canadian librarian and the author of novels The Sky Is Falling, A Handful of Time, and Awake and Dreaming, and the editor of This Land: A Cross-Country Anthology of Canadian Fiction for Young Readers. Born in Edmonton, Alberta, she spend most of her childhood between Edmonton and Vancouver, British Columbia. As a high school student, she returned to Vancouver and attended Crofton House School. After obtaining a degree in English literature at the University of Alberta, she began a Library degree at the University of British Columbia and obtained a Master of Arts degree at Simmons College Center for the Study of Children's Literature in Boston.

Pearson returned to Vancouver and completed her first novel, The Daring Game. Her novel, Awake and Dreaming won the 1997 Governor General's Award for English-language children's literature. She has twice won the CLA Book of the Year for Children Award and the Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction. Her other awards include the Mr. Christie's Book Award, the Vicky Metcalf Award, and the Ruth Schwartz Award.

She currently resides in Victoria, British Columbia, with her partner Katherine Farris.


Dear Canada[]

Selected works[]

  • The Daring Game (1986)
  • A Handful of Time (1987)
  • The Sky Is Falling (1989)
  • Looking at the Moon (1991)
  • The Lights Go on Again (1993)
  • Awake and Dreaming (1996)
  • This Land: A Cross-Country Anthology of Canadian Fiction for Young Readers (1998; editor)
  • A Perfect Gentle Knight (2007)
  • The Whole Truth (2011)
  • And Nothing But The Truth (2012)
  • A Day of Signs and Wonders (2016)
  • Be My Love (2019)

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