Kristina: The Girl King is a historical fiction book in Scholastic's The Royal Diaries. The book was written by Carolyn Meyer, her third for the seires. It was published in May 2003.


"For Lianna, Danielle, and Shannon"

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"August 3, 1638
Papa Matthiae arrived last evening, accompanied by Jacob Henrik Elbfas, the court painter. I feared this meant I should have to pose for another official portrait. They dress you in wretchedly uncomfortable gowns and make you stand perfectly still for hours, holding something in your hand—a large feather, or a glove, or some symbolic object. When you think you cannot beat it for another minute, the thing is finished and you are expected to say how splendid it is! In truth if I am not with Papa Matthiae and studying a serious subject, I prefer to be outside and on horseback, if possible. Or with a fencing sword.



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Carolyn Meyer (born June 8, 1935 in Lewistown, Pennsylvania) is an American novelist of historical fiction. She is well known for her Young Royals series. Meyer wrote three books in The Royal Diaries, including Isabel: Jewel of Castilla and Anastasia: The Last Grand Duchess.


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