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"I looked at him sitting there, in his coveralls and shirt, thinking how he didn't look like a Czar's soldier anymore, just an ordinary man."
Anetka Kaminska about Leon[4]

Leon Nasevich (c. 1878 – 1965) was the second husband of Anetka Kaminska. He formerly served as a soldier in the Czar's army while living in Poland. There Leon met Anetka Kaminska. He accompanied her and her brother to America, where he became a coal miner and union advocate.


Early life[]

Leon was from Sadowka, Poland.[5] In his teens, he became a soldier in the Czar's army. He, however, did not agree many of the Czar's laws.

Life in America[]

In April 1896, Leon met Anetka Kaminska whom amused him with her boldness. A few days later, he found a letter to Anetka's family which he used as a reason to meet her again. Leon continued visiting and won over her brother Jozef and grandmother. The following month, he saved Anetka from a sergeant attempting to hurt her. It was then arranged for Leon to accompany Anetka and Jozef on their way to America. During the passage, he showed romantic feelings for Anetka by kissing her, despite knowing of her impending marriage.

Upon arriving in America, Leon was detained before being let go. He moved to Lattimer, Pennsylvania, where he began work as mule driver at Honey Brook colliery. He also became involved with the United Mine Workers. After Anetka's wedding, he did not see her again until Christmas. Sometime after the death of her husband, she found Leon badly hurt from an attack. He began boarding with her after his recovery. In September 1897, Leon was involved in a union strike, during which he was hurt. Afterwards, he admitted his feelings to Anetka.

Later life[]

After his and Anetka's marriage, Leon continued his work as a union leader for United Mine Workers. Anetka's stepdaughters Violet, Rose, and Lily Gawrych grew to love Leon. He and Anetka had one daughter named Mary. They had sixteen grandchildren, whom they dubbed a "League of Nations" due to their son-in-laws all being from different countries. In 1965, Leon passed away from a broken heart the day after Anetka died of a stroke.

Personality and traits[]

Leon was generally a friendly, somewhat mischievous person. Anetka initially described him as "too-bold, too-sure-of-himself." He was apt to teasing, especially Anetka whom he was romantically interested in from early on. Leon was kind and caring, shown by his interactions with Anetka and her family. He was a natural leader, being able to easily command a room.

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