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Catherine featured on the cover

All of the characters that appear in Catherine: The Great Journey.

Main characters[]


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Catherine the Great (April 21, 1729 – 1796)[1]

Supporting characters[]

Elizabeth Petrovna[]

Elizabeth Petrovna (1709 – 1761)[1] was the Empress of Russia. She choose her nephew Peter to inherit her throne.

Johanna Elizabeth[]

Johanna Elizabeth (1712 – 1760)[1] was the mother of Catherine, Friedrich, and Elizabeth Ulrike. At fifteen, she married Christian August. She was disappointed with her station in life and wished to rise up through Catherine's marriage.


Peter (1728 – 1762),[1] born Charles-Peter Ulrich,[2] was Catherine's husband and the Emperor of Russia. He was the grandson of Peter the Great first met Catherine, his second cousin, when she was ten. Peter was initially in line to inherit the Swedish throne, before Empress Elizabeth chose him to succeed her.

Minor characters[]

  • Antoine Pesne was a French painter who painted Catherine's portrait, which was sent to the Empress.
  • Mademoiselle Babette Cardel was Catherine's favorite teacher who instructed her in manners and French. She gifted Catherine a diary for her birthday.
  • Christian August (1690 – 1747)[1] was a major general in the Prussian army. He married Johanna when she was only fifteen.
  • Elizabeth Ulrike (December 17, 1742[3] – 1745)[1] was the younger sister of Catherine. She was named after the Russian Empress, who was her godmother.
  • Friedrich Augustus (August 8, 1734[4] – 1793)[1] was the younger brother of Catherine.
  • Wilhelm Christian Friedrich (1730[1] – August 27, 1742)[5] was Catherine's favorite brother. He passed away of a fever when he was eleven years old.

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