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Eleanor on the cover

All of the characters that appear in Eleanor: Crown Jewel of Aquitaine.

Main characters[]


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Eleanor of Aquitaine (c. 1122 – April 1, 1204)[1] was the daughter of William X and Eleanor de Chatelleràult. She was the older sister of Petronilla and William Aigret. Eleanor lost both her mother and younger brother in 1130 when she was eight. After their deaths', she often worried about her father whose temper seemed to grow worse. Her father became a reformed man in 1136 and subsequently decided to go on a pilgrimage. Having no male heirs, he named Eleanor as his heir. Upon his death the following year, she became the Duchess of Aquitaine. Eleanor soon married Louis VII, heir to the French throne. His father died shortly after their wedding, making Eleanor Queen of France.

Supporting characters[]

Clotaire the Strong[]

Clotaire (born c. 1118)[2] was a knight belonging to William X's household. He was an orphan and had been raised by one of William IX's knights. Clotaire was described as having blue eyes and long hair tied back. Eleanor referred to him as "Clotaire the Strong." Madame arranged a meeting for Clotaire with Eleanor in April 1136. They formed a romantic friendship and Eleanor later asked Clotaire to "see to [her] safety and Petronilla's." In early August, he protected Eleanor when someone attempted to kidnap her and Petronilla. Clotaire was later among the knights who swore fealty to Eleanor after her father named her as heir. Nothing came of Clotaire and Eleanor's feelings for each other since she married Louis VII.


"Grandmère"[3] was the grandmother of Eleanor and Petronilla. The girls had been under her care since they were born. She tried to instill her granddaughters to always be "refined and educated" with mixed results. As such, she often scolded Eleanor and Petronilla for their behavior. Grandmère was described by Eleanor as having "the grace and good manners of a queen." Noble families often sent their daughters to learn from her. After William X's intended was kidnapped, she became more concerned about Eleanor and Petronilla's safety. Following William's death, Eleanor married Louis VII and Grandmère stayed behind to settle the late Duke's affairs. She planned to join Eleanor in Paris.

Louis VII[]

Louis Capet VII (1120 – 1180),[1] also known as Louis the Younger, was the son of Louis VI, the King of France. In the spring of 1137, his father arranged his engagement to Eleanor. Louis arrived in Bordeaux on July 11. He and Eleanor married on July 25 and left in the middle of the banquet to thwart the scheming Count of Angoulême. After defeating the Baron of Lezay, Louis learned of his father's death and that he was now King. Despite being King, he lived like a monk and his marriage to Eleanor was not happy. They had two daughters, Marie and Alix. In 1147, Louis led the Second Crusade and Eleanor accompanied him. The journey further eroded their marriage which Eleanor had annulled.


Petronilla "Petra" (born 1125)[1] was the second daughter of William X and Eleanor de Chatelleràult. She was the younger sister and best friend of Eleanor. The girls were both free spirits though Petronilla was more bold than Eleanor and sometimes immature. Eleanor became angry at her when she discovered Petronilla reading her diary. However, she soon forgave her and also gave her her own diary. Petronilla was careless with her diary, which often tempted Eleanor to read it. She accompanied Eleanor to Paris after she wed Louis VII. Petronilla later fell in love with the much older Ralph of Vermandois. Eleanor had his marriage annulled so they could marry. They had a son and two daughters.

William X[]

William X ("Father"; 1099[1] – April 9, 1137)[4] was the Duke of Aquitaine and son of William IX. He was married to Eleanor de Chatelleràult, with whom he had Eleanor, Petronilla, and William Aigret. His wife and son died within months of each other in 1130. William's bad temper became worse, causing him to make terrible decisions. In the spring of 1136, Saint Bernard finally convinced him to stop supporting the Antipope. William X later accompanied Geoffrey Plantagenet to invade Normandy, but returned feeling ashamed of his actions. He became more religious and decided to go on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. William X died of food poisoning shortly after reaching his destination.

Minor characters[]

  • Anacletus was an antipope whom William X supported over Pope Innocent II.
  • Viscount Barber, an ally of William of Lezay who possibly plotted with him to kidnap Eleanor and Petronilla.
  • Bernard Abbé (1090 – 1153)[5] was a monk regarded as a saint during his lifetime. He eventually convinced William X to stop supporting Antipope Anacletus.
  • Cleopatra VII, a historical figure whom Eleanor read about in a book.
  • Eleanor de Chatelleràult ("Mother"; 1103 – c. 1130)[1] was the mother of Eleanor, Petronilla, and William Aigret. She died suddenly of an unknown illness when Eleanor was eight.
  • Emma of Cognac, the daughter of the Viscount of Limoges. She had been widowed by her first husband. William X had plans to marry her, but before the wedding could take place, William of Angoulême kidnapped and married Emma.
  • Geoffrey de Rançon, one of William X's loyal lords. After Eleanor and Louis VII married, they sheltered at his Castle Taillebourg.
  • Archbishop Geoffrey du Loroux was the archbishop of Bordeaux. William X left his daughters in his care when he left for his pilgrimage. Following William X's death, the Archbishop immediately wrote to King Louis VI. He looked after Eleanor until performing her wedding to Louis the Younger on July 25, 1137.
  • Geoffrey Plantagenet of Anjou (1113 – 1151),[5] called "the Handsome, was the father of Henry II. In June 1136, he came to Aquitaine to ask William X help him invade Normandy. Geoffrey received a wound to his foot and had to return to Anjou.
  • Innocent II was the Pope from 1130 to 1143. He excommunicated William X.
  • Brother Jean-Pierre, a monk whom Eleanor asked to make Petronilla a diary. He also aided Clotaire the Strong in writing a letter to Eleanor.
  • Joscelin and "Big" William were the illegitimate sons of William X. Their half-sisters, Eleanor and Petronilla, were not allowed to socialize with them.
  • Louis Capet VI (1081[5] – August 1, 1137),[6] known as Louis the Fat, was the King of France. William X wrote to him asking him to take care of Eleanor if he died on his pilgrimage. When he did, Louis arranged for Eleanor to wed his son Louis VII. He died of dysentery shortly after their wedding.
  • Luke was Petronilla's small falcon named for Saint Luke because she liked the name.
  • "Madame" was Eleanor's chief lady-in-waiting who was married to one of William X's chevaliers. She always knew the latest palace gossip, which she relayed to Eleanor if relevant. Eleanor sometimes confided in her and allowed her to arrange a meeting between her and Clotaire the Strong. In February 1137, she had twin boys with red hair. Madame later accompanied Eleanor to Paris.
  • Marcabru was one of William X's troubadours. He was a favorite of Eleanor and Petronilla, whom often asked him to write poems for them.
  • Snow-Jer was Eleanor's white gyrfalcon.
  • Abbot Suger (1081 – 1151),[5] one of Louis VII's advisers. He warned Louis about the Count of Angoulême possibly causing trouble after the wedding. In 1147, Louis left the safekeeping of the kingdom to the Abbot while he was away during the Second Crusade.
  • William Aigret (c. 1126 – 1130),[1] also known as Willie, was the younger brother of Eleanor and Petronilla. Sometime after his mother's death, Willie died when he fell off of a cliff.
  • Count William of Angoulême was one of William X's vassals. He notably tried to raise a revolt against William X and later stole his intended bride, Emma. In her diary, Eleanor referred to him as "Spider." There were later rumors of him plotting against Eleanor and Louis VII.
  • Baron William of Lezay, the castellan of William X's hunting lodge, Talmont. He often acted as if he owned the lodge. Eleanor greatly disliked him for his inappropriate behavior towards her. After William X left for Normandy, there were rumors that Lezay was among the barons plotting to kidnap Eleanor and Petronilla. The following year, he attempted to seize Talmont but was defeated by Louis VII. As punishment, both of Lezay's hands were chopped off.
  • William IX (1071 – 1126)[5] was Eleanor's grandfather. He was known for being the first troubadour and his poems were described as being "passionate and lusty."

Epilogue characters[]

  • Alix (1150 – 1195) and Marie (c. 1145 – 1198)[1] were the daughters of Eleanor and Louis VII. After their parents' marriage was annulled, their father took custody of the girls.
  • Eleanor (c. 1162 – c. 1214), Joan (1165 – 1199), and Matilda (1156 – 1189)[1] were the daughters of Eleanor and Henry II.
  • Elizabeth II was a modern-day Queen of England and descendant of Eleanor.
  • Henry II (c. 1132 – 1189)[1] was the King of England. He laid claim to the throne through his mother Matilda and was crowned upon King Stephen's death. At nineteen, he married Eleanor and they would go on to have eight children. Their union was initially peaceful, but the succession would cause turmoil that led to Henry having Eleanor imprisoned. The pair's sons all plotted against their father to seize power.
  • Henry (c. 1154 – 1183) and Geoffrey (1158 – 1186)[1] were Eleanor and Henry II's second and fourth sons. They unsuccessfully revolted against their father and "met untimely deaths."
  • John I (c. 1166 – 1216)[1] was Eleanor and Henry II's fifth and final son. He joined his brother Richard in a revolt against their father. After Richard's death, his mother helped him lay claim to the throne.
  • Matilda was Henry II's mother, through which he claimed the throne of England.
  • Count Ralph of Vermandois (born 1115),[1] the husband of Petronilla. He was at least thirty years older than Petronilla and already married when she fell in love with him. Eleanor had his marriage annulled, which caused Ralph and Petronilla to be excommunicated by the Pope. They had a son, who died of leprosy, and two daughters.
  • Richard I (1157 – 1199),[1] known as "the Lionheart," was Eleanor's third and favorite son. He and John joined the French forces in a revolt against their father. Richard became King in 1189 after his father's death.
  • Stephen of England was the King of England. Henry II was named his successor after defeating him and was thus crowned when Stephen suddenly died.
  • William (1153 – 1156)[1] was the first son of Eleanor and Henry II who died at the age of two.


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