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Beatrice on the cover of Henry VIII's Wives

All of the characters that appear in Alison Prince's Henry VIII's Wives.

Main characters[]

Beatrice Townhill[]

Main article: Beatrice Townhill

Beatrice Valjean (née Townhill;[1] born 12 June 1526)[2] was the daughter of Mr and Mrs Townhill. Her best friend was Catherine "Kitty" Carey, whom lived at the English court. Beatrice grew up in Greenwich, London, where she befriended a mother and daughter, Elinor Valjean and Eva De Puebla, and their family. In 1539, Beatrice and her parents caught smallpox. She survived but felt self-conscious about her scars. Eva and Elinor then became her guardians. Beatrice later became a lady-in-waiting with Kitty's recommendation. She served three of King Henry VIII's wives, Anne of Cleves, Katherine Howard, and Katherine Parr. Beatrice married Elinor's brother William in 1542 and they had two children.

Supporting characters[]

Anne of Cleves[]

Main article: Anne of Cleves

Anne of Cleves (1515 – 1557)[3] was King Henry VIII's fourth wife. Anne was the daughter of the late Duke of Cleves and the sister of William, the new Duke of Cleves. Henry's marriage to Anne was a political alliance arranged by his advisor, Thomas Cromwell. After her arrival in England, Henry was unhappy with Anne though she did not realize at first. He sought an annulment only a few months into their marriage. Anne readily consented to it, which became official on 9 July 1540. Afterwards, she decided to stay in England and was granted three houses, an allowance, and the honorary title of the "King's sister." In the years following, Anne often visited court and became a good friend to Henry and his children.

Catherine Carey[]

Catherine Knollys (née Carey),[4] nicknamed Kitty, was the daughter of Mary Boleyn and her first husband William Carey. Her aunt was the late Queen Anne Boleyn, whom she stayed with during her final days. There were rumors that Kitty may have been Henry's illegitimate daughter since her mother had once been his mistress. From a young age, she desired to become a court lady and officially succeeded when she was appointed a maid of honor to Anne of Cleves. She later helped get her best friend, Beatrice Townhill, a position as well. On 26 April 1540, she married a courtier, named Francis Knollys. She then had several children in rapid succession, including Henry, Lettice, and William.

Elinor Valjean[]

Main article: Elinor Valjean

Elinor Valjean[5] (born 20 February 1514)[6][7] was the daughter of Eva De Puebla and Michel Valjean. She was married to a blacksmith, Tom Freeman with whom she had three children, Michael, Maria, and Isabella. Elinor left court and moved into a cottage after serving as a lady-in-waiting to Queen Anne Boleyn for several years. After meeting Beatrice, Elinor and Eva became mother figures to her. When Beatrice's parents suddenly died in 1539, Elinor, her husband, and Eva asked her aunt and uncle to allow her to stay with them. Beatrice later became Elinor's sister-in-law, when she married her younger brother Will. Elinor confessed to Beatrice that she had always hoped that they would marry.

Eva Valjean[]

Main article: Eva De Puebla

Eva Valjean (née De Puebla;[1] born 13 August 1509)[8] was the wife of Michel Valjean and mother of their four children, Rosanna, Elinor, Daniel, and Will. Eva was from Spain and served as a lady-in-waiting to Henry's first wife, Catherine of Aragon. After leaving court, she moved into a cottage with a lot of her family. In 1536, the family befriended Beatrice with Eva and Elinor becoming mother figures to her. Eva lent Beatrice her diary to her and helped her learn Spanish. After Beatrice married Will several years later, Eva, Elinor, and her family moved into a large house with them. When asked to name Beatrice's second child, Eva chose to name him after her dear Uncle Rodrigo whom died several years prior.

Henry VIII[]

Main article: Henry VIII

Henry VIII (1491[3] – 28 January 1547)[9] was the King of England. He was previously married to Catherine of Aragon, the mother of Mary, and Anne Boleyn, the mother of Elizabeth. After Anne was executed for adultery, Henry married Jane Seymour whom died after giving birth to Edward. He immediately began searching for another wife and was convinced by his adviser Thomas Cromwell to marry Anne of Cleves in 1540. Disliking her appearance, Henry had their marriage annulled and also had Cromwell executed. That same year, he wed Katherine Howard, whom was executed due to adultery allegations. His final wife was Katherine Parr. Following his death in 1547, his son Edward succeeded him.

Jane Seymour[]

Main article: Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour (1509[3] – 24 October 1537)[10] was the third wife of Henry VIII and the Queen of England until her death. She had two brothers, Edward and Thomas, who also lived at court. Jane previously worked as a lady-in-waiting to Henry's second wife, Anne Boleyn. Following Anne's execution in 1536, Jane and Henry were married. During the Pilgrimage of Grace, she entreated Henry to stop destroying churches which enraged him. By February 1537, Jane was expecting a child. Jane gave birth on 12 October 1537 to a son named Edward. She became ill immediately afterwards and died less than two weeks later. Henry held her memory in high regard and requested to be buried next to her.

Katherine Howard[]

Main article: Catherine Howard

Katherine Howard (1521[3] – 13 February 1542)[11] was the fifth wife of Henry VIII. As a child, she never received a proper education and was very naive as a result. She was a member of the Howard family and a cousin of Henry's second wife, Anne Boleyn. After briefly serving Anne of Cleves, Katherine was married Henry on 28 July 1540 at only sixteen years of age. A year into their marriage, Archbishop Cranmer learned of Katherine's past romantic affairs, which led to the start of her downfall. Later, a suggestive letter that suggested an affair between Katherine and Thomas Culpeper was found. Katherine insisted that she was innocent, but was found guilty of adultery and beheaded in 1542.

Katherine Parr[]

Main article: Catherine Parr

Katherine Parr (c. 1512[12] – 7 September 1548)[13] was Henry VIII's sixth and last wife. She was well educated and had a deep passion for her Protestant religion. Katherine served at court for several years, and was also a lady-in-waiting to Katherine Howard. In 1543, she was married to her elderly husband, Lord Latimer, when she caught King Henry's eye. After her husband's death, Katherine agreed to marry Henry as she felt it was her duty. Katherine and Henry were together until his death in January 1547. She went on to marry Thomas Seymour, whom she had loved for several years and had wanted to marry him before catching Henry's interest. Katherine died shortly after giving birth to her daughter Mary.

William Valjean[]

William Valjean[14] was the youngest child of Eva and her late husband, Michel. He worked as a chef at court and was said to be Henry's favourite. Will often visited his family whenever the court was near their home. After Beatrice's parents died, Will got her a job in the kitchens with him. They were good friends before, but gradually became closer over the next two years. He proposed to Beatrice in November 1541. They received permission to wed from the King and were married Easter 1542. The couple took over the tenancy of Beatrice's childhood home from her aunt and uncle. They shared the home with Will's other family. Will had two children with his wife, Joanna in 1544 and Rodrigo in 1547.

Minor characters[]

  • Alice Valjean was the wife of Daniel Valjean. They married in a small ceremony and took over the tenancy of his family's cottage.
  • Agnes Pearson was Beatrice's caretaker. Beatrice spent most of her time avoiding Agnes, though the feeling was mutual. She later married a drover named, Walter Pearson.
  • Agnes Tilney, Dowager Duchess of Norfolk was Katherine Howard's step-grandmother. She was imprisoned in the Tower of London for her role in Katherine's scandal.
  • Amelia was Anne of Cleve's sister whom Henry also considered marrying.
  • Anne Askew was a Protestant whom was imprisoned and executed for her beliefs.
  • Anne Bassett was the maid of honor to Jane Seymour and later a lady-in-waiting to Anne of Cleves.
  • Anne Bourchier was William Parr's former wife. She eloped with another man, which angered her husband. Anne managed to escape execution, thanks to Katherine Parr's intervention.
  • Anne Boleyn was King Henry VIII's second wife and mother of Elizabeth. She was executed for allegedly committing adultery, which Elizabeth was aware of from a young age.
  • Arthur (died 3 April 1502)[15] was Henry VIII's elder brother and the first husband of Catherine of Aragon. He died just five months after marrying Catherine.
  • Lady Arundel and Margaret Howard, Katherine Howard's sister and stepmother, later ladies-in-waiting.
  • Barnaby Fitzpatrick was Edward's whipping boy. Despite the circumstances, they were friends.
  • Baron Montagu and Geoffrey Pole, two brothers of Reginald. They were persecuted for their connection to him and imprisoned in the Tower of London. The Baron was later executed.
  • Benedict[1] Thornton (died July 1537)[16] was Beatrice's and Kitty's teacher. He was very faithful to his religion and left to join the rebellion, the Pilgrimage of Grace. Mr Thornton was with Robert Aske when the King's soldiers found them. He was killed in the struggle.
  • Lady Bryan was Prince Edward's nanny. She previously looked after Princess Elizabeth.
  • Catherine of Aragon (died January 1536)[17] was the first wife of Henry VIII and mother of Mary. She was first married to Henry's elder brother Arthur, but he died five months into their marriage. Henry went through great lengths to annul his marriage to Catherine.
  • Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk (died August 1544)[18] was Henry's close friend and brother-in-law. He was the grandfather of Lady Jane Grey.
  • Charles Howard was Katherine Howard's brother. He and Margaret Douglas had a brief affair, which King Henry quickly put a stop to.
  • Christina of Denmark, also Duchess of Milan, was a potential marriage candidate for Henry VIII. He sent his artist, Hans Holbein to paint a portrait of her. She later refused his marriage offer.
  • Archbishop Cranmer was an archbishop in Henry's church. He delivered the news to the King about Katherine Howard's past relationships, which ultimately ended in her execution.
  • Daniel Valjean was the oldest son of Eva and Michel Valjean. He worked with his brother-in-law, Tom for several years. Later, he married Alice and took over Tom's horseshoeing business.
  • Ladies Edgecombe and Rutland, two ladies-in-waiting to Anne of Cleves and Katherine Howard.
  • Edward (born 12 October 1537)[10] was the son of Henry VIII with his third wife, Jane Seymour. Upon Henry's death in 1547, Edward became King of England.
  • Edward Seymour, the Earl of Hertford and Jane Seymour's brother. He was later made the "Lord Protector" to his nephew, essentially serving as king in Edward's place.
  • Elizabeth (born 7 September 1533)[3] was the daughter of Henry VIII with his second wife, Anne Boleyn. Her childhood was often turbulent due to her father's constant marriages After her father's death, Elizabeth briefly lived with her stepmother, Katherine Parr.
  • Elizabeth Seymour was Jane's sister. She was married to Thomas Cromwell's son, Gregory.
  • Eustace Chapuys was Spain's ambassador to England. He retired to Spain after many years of loyal service. Elinor and Eva were aquainted with him.
  • Frances Brandon was King Henry's niece and the mother of Lady Jane Grey. It was implied that she physically abusive to Jane.
  • Francis was the French King. Henry considered marrying one of his daughters after Jane's death.
  • Francis Dereham (died 19 December 1541),[19] a man whom had lived at the Dowager Duchess's home when he was younger. He had a romantic relationship with Katherine Howard previously. When she became Queen, he pressured her to make him a courtier. Later, he was found guilty of committing adultery with the Queen and subsequently executed.
  • Francis Knollys was Catherine Carey's husband. He was a favorite courtier of Henry VIII. Kitty always knew the latest news or developments because of Francis.
  • Bishop Gardiner was an ally of Thomas Wriothesley, who plotted against Katherine Parr.
  • Sir George Throckmorton was a cousin of Katherine Parr. Being a "devout" Catholic, George was disturbed when the King closed the convent where his aunt was an abbess. Later, a copy of the demands made by Robert Aske's was found in his home which lead to his imprisonment in the Tower. Katherine Parr spoke to Henry about letting him out and he agreed.
  • Gertrude and John Bedingfield were the wealthy aunt and uncle of Beatrice Townhill. Beatrice's father rented a house from them. They left Beatrice in the care of Eva and Elinor after her parents died. Later, they attended Beatrice's wedding and offered her the tenancy of her childhood home, which she would inherit upon their deaths.
  • Hans Holbein was Henry's portrait painter. He traveled to Germany to paint Anne of Cleves upon Henry's request. Later, Henry became angry at the flattering painting after finding Anne "repulsive." Holbein had tactfully given Henry a portrait of Edward before he saw the real Anne.
  • Henry Fitzroy (1519 – 23 July 1536)[20] was the King's illegitimate son by his mistress Bessie Blount. His father was considering him possibly succeeding him.
  • Henry (born 18 July 1542),[21] Lettice (born 8 November 1543),[22] and William Knollys (born September 1544),[23] three of Kitty's and Francis's children.
  • Henry Manox was Katherine Howard's music teacher. After Catherine's past came to light, he admitted during an interrogation that he "tried to seduce" her.
  • Isabella "Bella" Freeman (born 19 February 1537)[5] was Elinor's third child with Tom. She was named after Catherine of Aragon's mother, Isabella of Spain.
  • James V (died December 1542)[24] was the King of Scotland, and Henry's nephew and rival. He married Mary of Guise. James died shortly after the birth of his daughter Mary, Queen of Scots.
  • Jane Boleyn[25] (died 13 February 1542),[11] aka Lady Rochford, was the wife of George Boleyn until his execution. She was later found complicit in Katherine's alleged affair with Thomas Culpeper.
  • Lady Jane Grey (born October 1537)[10] was the daughter of the King's niece, Frances. After Henry's death, she went to live with Katherine Parr and her husband, Thomas Seymour. She enjoyed being away from her parents, especially her mother whom often punished her.
  • Joan Bulmer, a woman whom had stayed at the Dowager Duchess's house with Katherine Howard. After Katherine became Queen, Joan blackmailed her for a position in her household.
  • Joanna Valjean (born March 13, 1544)[26] was the first child of Beatrice and Will. She was named after Will's father whose English name was "Mr John."
  • Mr John was an usher that fought with Francis Dereham, when the latter refused to stand up for the Queen Katherine Howard.
  • John Fowler was Thomas Seymour's nephew, who also worked for King Edward. He was bribed by Thomas to influence the young King in his favor.
  • John Seymour (died December 1536)[27] was Jane's father. They had not seen each other for long time when he died. She was also not allowed to attend his funeral because she was the Queen.
  • Kat Ashley was Elizabeth's governess. She was described as "wonderfully gossipy." Kat thought Thomas Seymour's behavior toward Elizabeth was inappropriate, but could do little to stop it.
  • Mr Kershaw was the second tutor of Beatrice and Kitty. He was very strict and severe, unlike Mr Thornton.
  • Lord Latimer (died 2 March 1543)[28] was Catherine Parr's elderly husband. He passed away and left her a wealthy widow.
  • Lady Lisle was the mother of Anne Bassett.
  • Margaret Douglas was the King's niece and Katherine Howard's chief lady-in-waiting. She angered Henry for the second time by having an affair with Charles Howard.
  • Margaret Pole (1473[29] – May 1541)[30] was a member of the Plantagenet family. She was a friend of Catherine of Aragon and also Mary's tutor. She was imprisoned for her connection to her son Reginald, though Henry really distrusted her Plantagenet heritage. Mary was executed after being two years in prison.
  • Mary (born 1516)[3] was King Henry's daughter with his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. Mary was close to Jane Seymour, and friendly with Katherine Parr and Anne of Cleves, but disliked Katherine Howard.
  • Mary Boleyn was Kitty's mother. After Kitty's father died, she married William Stafford. She was also the sister of the late Queen, Anne Boleyn.
  • Mary Hall (née Lascelles) was raised at the Duchess of Norfolk's house with Katherine Howard. She revealed Katherine's past relationships to Archbishop Cranmer.
  • Mary of Guise, a Frenchwoman and marriage candidate to Henry VIII. She refused the King's offer. Mary instead married the King of Scotland, James V, with whom she had Mary, Queen of Scots.
  • Mary, Queen of Scots (born December 1542)[24] was the daughter of James V and Mary of Guise. She became Queen of Scotland at just a few days old after the death of her father.
  • Mary Seymour (born 30 August 1548),[31] the only daughter of Katherine Parr and Thomas Seymour. Her mother died after her birth and her father was executed, leaving her an orphan.
  • Maud was Katherine Parr's mother whom was a lady-in-waiting to Catherine of Aragon.
  • Michael and Maria Freeman were the children of Elinor and Tom Freeman. In their teens, Michael worked with his father, while Maria had aspirations to become a court lady.
  • Michel Valjean was Eva's husband and father of their four children who died several years prior. Beatrice and Will named their daughter, Joanna, after his English name "Mr John."
  • Duke of Norfolk was the uncle of Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard, both of whom became wives to Henry VIII. He later abandoned Katherine Howard in an attempt to save his own reputation. The Duke spent several years trying to win back his lost favor with the King.
  • Reginald Pole, a Cardinal exiled in France. He angered Henry VIII, after publishing a book "attacking the King's marriage to Anne Boleyn." Henry VIII executed many of Reginald's relatives for treason.
  • Robert Aske (died July 1537),[16] the leader of the Pilgrimage of Grace, a rebellion against Henry VIII's church. The King pardoned him, but he was later condemned to death anyway.
  • Robert and Lady Tyrwhitt, a member of the Privy Council and his wife. They were friends of Katherine Parr. Princess Elizabeth was under their care for a time.
  • Robin Perkiss was a courtier whom flirted with many of the girls at court. He flirted with Beatrice, leading her to be infatuated with him for some time.
  • Rodrigo Valjean (born 9 October 1547)[32] was the second child of Beatrice and Will. He was named after Eva's uncle Rodrigo De Puebla, whom was an ambassador several years previously.
  • Rosanna Valjean was the eldest child of Eva. She moved to Spain with her husband, Diego in 1536.
  • Duchess of Somerset, previously Lady Hertford, was the wife Edward Seymour. She hated Katherine Parr and also claimed that she held precedence over Katherine.
  • Duke of Suffolk was the father of Lady Jane Grey and husband of Frances Brandon.
  • Thomas Cromwell (died 28 July 1540)[33] was King Henry's adviser. He arranged Henry's failed marriage to the Protestant Anne of Cleves, which led to his downfall. Cromwell was imprisoned and eventually executed, though not until he had testified for Henry's annulment.
  • Thomas Culpeper (died 19 December 1541),[19] a popular courtier. He allegedly committed adultery with Katherine Howard. Thomas was subsequently executed.
  • Thomas Seymour (died 20 March 1549)[13] was Jane Seymour's ambitious brother. He later married Katherine Parr and had a daughter named Mary. A year after his wife's death, he was executed for high treason for attempting to gain control of the throne.
  • Thomas Wendy was Henry VIII's doctor during his later years.
  • Thomas Wriothesley was an adviser to Henry. He disliked Katherine Parr and attempted to have her imprisoned. Wriothesley had even obtained the King's permission, but Henry forgave her.
  • Thomas Wyatt was a poet and friend of Thomas Cromwell. He was imprisoned in the Tower of London, but was pardoned thanks to Katherine Howard's intervention.
  • Tom Freeman was Elinor's husband and father of their three children. He worked as a blacksmith. Tom was also fond of Beatrice and asked her uncle if she could stay with his family.
  • Mr Townhill ("Papa;" died February 1539)[34] was the father of Beatrice. He made a living as Henry VIII's royal huntsman. Him and his wife died of the smallpox, leaving their daughter an orphan.
  • Mrs Townhill (née Bedingfield; died February 1539)[34] was Beatrice's mother. She became unwell after giving birth to Beatrice and never quite recovered. Beatrice saw very little of her mother, despite living in the same house. Mrs Townhill died of smallpox sometime after her husband passed from the same disease.
  • Walter Pearson was a drover and later the husband of Agnes.
  • William, the new Duke of Cleves and brother of Anne whom arranged her marriage to Henry.
  • William Carey was Kitty's father, who passed away of the sweating sickness when she was young.
  • William Damport was Francis Dereham's friend. They tortured him to get information about Dereham's relationship to Catherine Howard. He never revealed anything about his friend.
  • William Parr was Katherine Parr's brother. He divorced his wife, Anne Bourchier, after she eloped with another man. William had also wanted her to have the worst punishment, execution. Katherine eventually convinced him against it.
  • William Stafford was Mary Boleyn's second husband. He was not welcome at court, being a "common soldier."


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